YOUR THUGS | Character Teaser – "Cyno: A Just Punishment" Reaction | Genshin Impact


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YOUR THUGS | Character Teaser – “Cyno: A Just Punishment” | Genshin Impact
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7 thoughts on “YOUR THUGS | Character Teaser – "Cyno: A Just Punishment" Reaction | Genshin Impact”

  1. I have 9000 primos saved (wanted this character since they were announced, i think it's been 2 years) anyway, literally my favorite character so here's to hoping I get him

    I could've had more but his announcement was so sudden that I didn't have enough time to prepare, I wasn't expecting him at all, anyway good luck to everyone's future pulls!

  2. It’s so cool how the content itself is pretty comedic, but the serious and almost sorrowful music makes Cyno more ominous, I’m loving this teaser, such an amazing atmosphere

  3. The 'judgement day" according to cyno is kinda related to real life Egyptian tradition too. After you die, your soul will be judged for all the sins and your heart will be scaled to a feather on the other side, if your heart balances with the feather, you'll be considered pure and taken to the heaven like place, but to reach there you need to cross the "sea of sand".to cross that sea, you need a boat. You'll see that boat in the desert map later but if you're not pure or if the heart weighs more than the feather, then you'll be thrown into the sea of sand and your soul stays there frozen correct me if I'm wrong.


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