Xiao: Primoridal Jade Winged Spear vs Staff of Homa (Weapon Comparison) | Genshin Impact

Please do take note that both weapon does not have a 1:2 ratio of crit rate and crit damage which is why there is a bit of stats difference. Hope this helps 🙂

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44 thoughts on “Xiao: Primoridal Jade Winged Spear vs Staff of Homa (Weapon Comparison) | Genshin Impact”

  1. Here's my opinion on both weapons for Xiao.
    1. If you already have the JWS, just stick with since its the best weapon for providing highest overall dps in my opinion.
    2. Ideally it's really best to have a critical rate of 60-70 for higher DPS crit ratio which is very easy to achieve with JWS. But just incase you would like to go for some aggressive Crit Damage Build (somewhere like 250critical damage or more with lesser critical rate) then SOH is your weapon of choice.
    3. I don't suggest on pulling for SOH if you already have JWS since the comparison is too close. (unless you want to use it for zhongli or hutao)
    Also, maintaining the 50% less hp will be hard if you have healing supports such as bennet and etc.

    Lastly, I apologize if there were any misunderstanding with the critical ratio (I really tried my best to make it close but this is as far as my artifact goes) and since the critrate-dmg ratio of JWS and SOH is not 1:2, one of the stats will either go higher or lower.


  2. Interesting how when using staff of homa, the HP needs to be below 50% to beat jade spear's damage output on full stacks..

    And in the video when using staff of homa, crit damage is higher than when using jade spear..

    I can say it's a slightly winning situation for jade spear..

  3. I first thought Homa is better if u can use the passive consistently, but now im on Jade Spears side just from the fact that u dont need to worry about the HP shit which means you could put Jean C4 on your team to increase xiaos dmg or even a bennet in to increase his ATK. if theres bennet and jean on xiao homa, then hes fucked. he will be nearly full HP all the time.

  4. personally, I have both and I like using Staff of homa because my artifact substats are built so that my crit rate artifact is better than the crit dmg and the staff of homa allows me to use the crit rate artifact. Both I think are amazing weapons and since Xiao drains his health as we does his ult I don`t require to heal him as much except for when he falls below 20%. But for the aesthetic the jade spear is 100% the best.

  5. Try using the same artifact but only different weapon then this is will be comparable. I think you should use ur primary artifact in that showcase if that happen. I would like to see that video.


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