XIAO AND THE MISSING YAKSHA – Genshin Impact Lore Theory

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XIAO AND THE MISSING YAKSHA – Genshin Impact Lore Theory

This Genshin Impact Lore Theory Video will focus on Xiao being the last remaining Yaksha. Xiao were among the 5 strongest. Out of the 5 3 didnt make it and the last one is missing. I will be talking about the Lore of the Yaksha as well as who the Missing Yaksha can potential be out of the 5 strongest. This theory video will also go a bit into Xiao past and Lore as well as the identity of the Hydro Yaksha that was within Xiao group. I hope you all enjoy this Genshin Impact Lore Theory video and I cant wait to share the next one!

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22 thoughts on “XIAO AND THE MISSING YAKSHA – Genshin Impact Lore Theory”

  1. Something tells me that the missing Yaksha will be a far future character. Like what if Bosacius was unable to rid themselves of the world as much as they wanted to by intervention? Maybe we’ll see them reincarnated or whatever in a different region.

  2. W a i t

    Hold up

    Remember Albedo saying something about losing control
    And Albedo is probably not human
    (He doesn't have a breath thingy in Dragonspine)
    He's a Geo User too

    (ok listen I know he's from Khaenriah but all we know is that he studied there with his Master then left with Alice)

  3. I think the missing Yaksha, is the hydro one, it's an ancient creature that was weakened by the geo yaksha, and now she is the protector of the river and oceans, know as Oceanid

  4. Why doesn't everyone realise that ganyu was born before the archon war she fought with rex in it and the yakshas were solely created to solve the demons made by lingering dead wannabe archons so the hydro yaksha cant be her mom literally impossible

  5. the missing yaksha is jiangxue, the powerful fishermen. you can speak to him at a dock next to wangshu inn and he would say that he was one of the chosen ones but used his power the wrong way and got his power taken back.


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