Which Skills Deserve Your Crowns? (Genshin Impact)

Today in Genshin Impact we’re discussing skills, and which ones are worth it maxing.
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37 thoughts on “Which Skills Deserve Your Crowns? (Genshin Impact)”

  1. I crowned FIschl's E.
    Jean's E (She was my Main DPS for a while / still main for Co-op)
    Venti's Ult and since I now have Keqing, her Auto attack.
    Bennet's ult would be next but between Jean and Diluc requiring the same material I don't see him getting 10 anytime soon
    Xinqiu's Ult is my next contender.

    FYI, 1-2 is identical to 9-10. It's always a multiplier based on the % at level 1.

  2. i'm like between too cautious to use any crowns and using all of them, since new characters are always coming out. the only talent i'm pretty sure i'll crown so far is zhongli's shield because he's on my team all the time and i doubt i'll retire him even after hitting friendship lvl 10, which is when i intend to retire my other mains as new characters are released and rotated into my team. haha maybe there are characters i don't have that i'd crown if i did, like venti and albedo. we'll see~

    it's too early for me to be worrying about this anyway i'm not in endgame yet and my highest talents are lvl 5. i'm only just planning to start farming books to get them up to par

  3. The rate we are getting crowns can be the same people are getting their 5 stars.

    Worrying right now if it would be worth it seems pointless because it will powercrept anyways down the line.


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