What Was The Abyss Sibling's Journey? [Genshin Impact Theory]

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Today, I’m going to give love to my girl Lumine and wonder what her journey was throughout Teyvat. Wooo.

Footage for the Abyss Sibling Reveal 1.4 Archon Quest: LyurGG
SONG: Kevin Macleod – Canon in D Major

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36 thoughts on “What Was The Abyss Sibling's Journey? [Genshin Impact Theory]”

  1. celestia feeling threatened by the twins cause they're outlanders just like them, gives off the feeling of cronus (in greek mythology) eating his children cause he fears that they'll be a threat to his rule. except ofc the twins don't get eaten imagine if the unknown god just goes "outlanders your journey ends here CHOMP needs some salt." instead of sealing their powers 💀

  2. I think Lumine's and Aether's meteor landed on two seperate locations because
    1. If they were together in Khenriah traveler would have more information on Khenriah
    2. According to traveler he woke up almost right before the the cataclysm and they fled immediately after
    I think Lumine's journey would've been to find traveler instead for power, which would also explain her disappointment and hatrate towards Dain as she would've seen his strength and character before leaving teyvat 1st time
    Her journey with Dain post cataclysm to find the truth doesn't make sense as only Lumine wasn't in Khenriah Dain was still there and whatever he did was during the destruction.
    Also Kaeya might not have all the intel but I'm sure he has some/good enough info on the abyss as during the stormterror fight he stayed in the city and chatted with the abyss people who infiltrated Mond, he never says he fought them for the info or took care of them, just that he talked with them, not to mention he was the only told us about the abyss princess in the first place. I think he knows more then he's letting on
    Also the old Mond ruins stayed mostly the same when Dain when Dain traveled there because Dvalin made its best there after Dvalin was curled most likely between 6 months before traveler's arrival as we know Varka would've left with a army at that moment making Mond's defense weak Also it doesn't make sense for Varka to leave mid crisis
    When asked about his traveling companion Dain says "they don't travel anymore because they're sick" could imply two things
    1, Last he saw Lumine was when she had lost all her power whi h would imply that they didn't travel teyvat post cataclysm
    2. During the cataclysm Lumine might have caught some kinda disease or a curse of some sort
    As for her recent appearance as the princess could be due to the fact that she was travelling alone and not only teyvat but she might have travelled through the Dark Sea as well and when she returned she had regain all of her powers

    This isn't related to the video but recently I came across an NPC in Guili plains area on a watch tower who says not too long ago he saw someone with a similar Silhouette to the traveler

  3. I somehow feel like Liza would’ve known about Lumine if she’d passed through Mondstadt in the past, interacting with it’s people. Such things tend to be referenced at least somewhere.
    Edit: besides, she’s a non-biased party, unlike the archons, so she’d not be bound by anything to hide this info from Aether.

  4. Just Brilliant, nice work Aster.
    Just wanted to add some personal commentary and opinions. There's been a few things bothering me as of late regarding the way ancient humans are portrayed in Genshin Impact. Has anyone else noticed the trend as well? Almost all stories of the ancient civilizations of humans are about human corruption, let me list some examples:
    1) Mondstadt regarding the nobility and how they used their power to enslave the people.
    2) The civilization that sacrificed people to the Thunderbird.
    3) Enkanomiya and the nobles use of the Sun Children as well as the diabolical practices of binding and severing the very souls of certain individuals like in the case of Aberaxus.

    I could also go into detail about the various wars fought across Tehvat but they could be considered to be goaded by the God's and as such don't fit the analysis of studying just human nature.

    What bothers me is the implied suggestion that without the fear of something more powerful humans have fallen into states of continual corruption victimizing those with less power and ambition. This seems to imply that perhaps without the guidance, no matter how cruel, of Celestia that Tehvat was already doomed in various human Dystopias. Even the Cataclysm could be seen in a similar fashion as the Great Flood necessary to purify the evils spread by mankind or perhaps the impact of a meteorite on a world so bent on internal strife that it was ill equipped to survive such a catastrophe.

    This is very much different from the world of Tehvat we see now. Mondstadt is the city of Freedom, Liyue is a land that has chosen for its people to take responsibility for their own fate come what may and Inazuma a nation that's decided that unjust proclamations be they divine or mortal be they unjust they will be met by resistance. This is so much different from the civilizations of Old Tehvat one must wonder if perhaps this reformation isn't due entirely to Celestia's meddling. Bearing what sins they may the world now appears quite different.

    What are your opinions? Do you think their was a purpose to Celestia's calamities or were they simply taking power onto themselves? Are the sins of the past the cost of war during a time of corruption or is the world once again heading headfirst towards its own fated destruction?

  5. I have allways think that Lumine wake up in a diferent location that Aether and just like we she start to travelling the world together with dain as the guide to find us , she only find Aether at the end when the war is just starting she fights for khanri'ah and because this don't wake up right after find us but khanri'ah gets destroyed she wake us up and try to leave with us but get captured she somehow escapes maybe in the help of the abyss order she then join the abyss order

  6. Best lore channel! Thx for making hours of Reading into a comprehensive video! I can't imagine all the work that goes into the making of a video like this!
    PS: i love the "element and the concept of …" Series i'm really looking foward to the next videos!!

  7. I think Lumine definitely journey after the cataclysm for this very small detail: in the opening cutscene before we chose which twins, Lumine is always the one to ask the Unknown God who she is. If Lumine had reached the end of her journey by that time, she would have known the truth of the world, and the identity of the unknown god.

  8. Personally I can never believe that the abyss sibling would go on an entire journey themselves and just leave their twin laying in some ditch. Especially because it seems the twins can wake each other up, how else could the abyss sibling grab the traveler and tell them "we need to leave."

    I am of the opinion that the abyss sibling woke up and went off to see what was around and found khaenri'ah. She walked around and experienced the people and left to go back for the traveler. Only to see the fall happen from a distance which gives us the clip of them running and stumbling over to the cliff where we can see the destruction the sustainer is dishing out.

    Seeing this level of godly destruction she decides they need to leave which leads to the sustainer blacking the way and capturing the twins.

    From there the abyss sibling does their journey with dain and decides to join the abyss. On dainsleif perhaps he betrayed khaenri'ah in some way which has lead to the hatred that the abyss sibling has for them. The betrayal could be that he exposed the goings and goals of khaenri'ah

  9. Regarding your bit about the Abyss and the Fatui teaming up, I can’t help but find it unlikely. At least, I do at the moment, and for one reason only. That being Childe’s Story Quest. In it, he states that the Fatui is just as much of an enemy to the Abyss as the rest of Teyvat. I just don’t see it possible for the Abyss to join forces with one of the entities that they’re actively trying to destroy, in the case the Tsaritsa.

  10. I just wanna confirm that i understood the current theory on lumine's journey. She and Aether arrives in khaenriah, they get acquainted with them and stuff, then cataclysm happened, twins gets teleported, Lumine wakes up first and journeys with Dain, then they part ways, after that Aether's journey begins, Lumine become princess of the abyss order. Is this correct?

  11. It could be possible that the waypoints we find everywhere, might be placed by Lumine and Dainsleif (idk his proper spelling sorry) since as we know, Khaenri'ah was an advanced nation so it is not impossible for them to make waypoints or teleporters.

    And, I still don't know if Lumine has already journeyed through Teyvat, how come the Statues of the Seven are not lightened up?

  12. I think the Abyss Sibling waking up a good 50-100 years or so before the Traveler would make sense. Alice bombed Old Mondstat because she thought it didn't look enough like actual ruins, so for Dainslief to say it hasn't changed last time he came suggests that they did visit quite recently. Buuut I'm not confident about the timeline of Alice's desecration of an ancient city though… was it during Varka's time as Grand Master or before?

    50-100 years is also long enough for anyone who met Lumine and Dain on their travels to either forget about them or pass away. If she did meet the Archons on her journey, they would still not know where she is especially since she has a negative opinion on them so she would not keep in touch. Just spy on them as you would any enemy.

    If the Abyss Sibling was an honored guest in Khaenri'ah, they would obviously come out with a very biased view of the 'truth'. Specifically seeking out more reasons to hate the Archons rather than seek to understand why they did what they did. Especially with Dainslief simply enforcing that "Gods are Bad." mentality.

    Ah Okay now I get why the Abyss Sibling is extra pissed off with Dainslief. He agrees with a lot of their beliefs but has chosen a path that is detrimental/betrays those beliefs. Friends who had similar beliefs but end up taking different paths.

    Still… I wonder if the Abyss Sibling is okay with doing to the Seven nations what Celestia did to Khaenri'ah? Are they really going to be okay hurting innocent civilians who has no say in where they were born? Or is their hatred so deep that anyone who sides with Celestia is an enemy to be punished? I have the feeling that Abyssal corruption is feeding into the Abyss sibling's negative emotions and amplifying it. Heck Abyssal corruption may have amplified the resentment within everyone in the Abyss Order. Both Celestia and the Abyss are both being shown to not be good for mankind and Teyvat over all, so its funny how the Fatui are the lesser evil in this case. Their the idiots because their fighting heaven and hell at the same time but to be fair someone has to or they'll all get deleted just cuz the seven nations got upgraded in the wrong stat so Celestia does a reset to try again. While the abyss just wants other people to suffer as they have like a crab.

  13. I feel that our journey as traveler is to find out the full truth and clear misunderstandings between the two/three sides(because lumine seems to put the archons and Celestia in the same pot and that may be wrong to assume as they too may had reasons to act in some ways or forced to; though ofc they also made mistakes too or poor choices, they're not perfect and won't deny that) and then maybe unite forces to remove Celestia. dain may not like the gods but he's not aggressive towards them either(?). makes me think(if he met them in the past and saw how they are) he maybe knows a little more of them than lumine. but that is just speculation on my part.

  14. I think It makes more sense for her to awake and knows Kaenriah than her traveling and learning about the reason of Cataclysm.
    In we will be reunited, we learn that she was awake before Aether (we don't know how long) and that she woke up Aether so they can escape.
    Also during the intro cutscene, the Sustainer of heavenly principle says "the arrogation of mankind ends know", while attacking them and more especially why is she watching Lumine this way? It's clear by her actions that she wants to ends Lumine while the only thing she did to Aether was to seal him back in Teyvat. I don't think that they were attacked simply for being foreigners coming into Teyvat, it's coincide literally at the same time the war happened, it's not a coincidence. What we see when Ather talks to Paimon in the intro is about what he saws, from his side of view. He only saw a glimpse of Teyvat when it was good, then slept once they arrived in this world, and woke up again to see that there was a war.

    Also from the twins twitter intro cards: "Your motherland was doomed; palaces and cities fallen into dust. You should have been the person who owned and embraced the world. But, the last descendants of the extinct nation, please don't grief over these past moments"
    "As long as your honorable purity and compassion remains unchanged, there will still be best partners to travel with you across the new world that all belongs to you"
    "Welcome to the new World" – K.K

    By these cards, maybe the twins are actually royalty in their own world, so maybe, they don't call her princess as a title she gains from Kaeriah/Abyss, but as a princess from another land.

  15. i still think paimon and dain come from the same place since they have basically the same role in each siblings lives… they keep saying and dropping hints that maybe paimon shouldn’t be trusted and maybe she’ll do something the same way dain did to our sibling. it can be something like, along the way we start disagreeing in our journey and stuff like that not necessarily having to fight her but yeah it can be something like that that makes us enemies 😕

  16. there's another thing which is very confusing, the primordial one came to Teyvat and planted the seed of humanity, and then several (hundred, questionable) years later the second throne, Celestia came to this world and defeated the primordial one and also started human civilization with the help of archons, they both had a similar intention yet the second throne had to beat the first one to claim the land.. don't understand wtf is happening here, if they had same goal then why didn't Celestia let the primordial god to rule.
    Btw, atleast we now know that the creator has yet not come thing.. what happened to istaroth, where is it now when people of teyvat needed it the most, if it loved it's people so much then why didn't it respond to their cry.

  17. I always think back to Venti's "hello" voice line where he says "Traveler, we meet again! What? You don't remember me?"

    Did the Traveler meet Venti before and forget? Or did Venti confuse the siblings because he was drunk? Maybe Venti just screwing around because that's what he likes to do and it doesn't mean anything.

  18. Hold on,
    what if piamon is related to the abyss in some way?
    like either piamon is a spy sent by lumine to keep an eye on the traveler or piamon is actuthe leader of the abyss and lumine is currently covering for her

  19. I have very important questions that I need answers to.
    Why is the traveler's sibling able to use their power but that traveler can't?
    Did the "Unknown God" seal only 1 of the 2 siblings' power or did the traveler's sibling get theirs back somehow?

  20. Ok hear me out. (:
    The Abyss King/Queen has to have been introduced already, although indirectly. Such an important character cannot pop out of nowhere at the end of the story; it doesn't match what we've seen from MHY until now.

    Most likely candidates for me: Tsaritsa's persona posing as Abyss Queen.
    The Fatui and Abyss do have aligned interest and hatred for Celestia, as you pointed out. Also many events that unfolded had them both involved at the same time and never (I believe) pitted against each other.

    K's destruction 500 years ago also coincides with the drastic changes in many an Archon's behavior, including the Cryo Archon who abandoned Love as her manifesto. Most likely she was opposed to Celestia's decree and/or lost a lot in the conflict like Beelzebub.

    By playing double-face as both an Archon and the Abyss Queen she could manipulate all the strings of the story towards a single goal; her ultimate sacrifice (a hunch) to destroy Celestia and free the people from its reign.

    It seems like the Archons we've met are already in line with her plan and strangely never act(ed) out against the Abyss Order (afaik). I have a feeling they wanna abdicate their role and powers if it means freeing themselves from Celestia's binding.

    There must have been a time where their relation with Celestia was in a better place, my guess is before Celestia felt threatened by godless nations and/or otherworldly travelers.

    The only other credible candidate I can think of is Rhinedottir/Gold. They have all the reasons to seek vengeance and the timing of the fall of K/rise of Abyss works out too. I do not know much about the character itself though so I do not know if they fit the picture.

    What are your thoughts on my own convoluted thoughts? 😀
    What piece of lore's future reveal are you most excited about?

    *edit: Venti going against the Abyss to help his friend Dvalin, although he never gave pursuit nor sought vengeance against them. As soon as it was done though he got ambushed by the Fatui.

  21. What’s odd is in enkanomiya one of the souls recognized the travelers clothes as someone likely from khaneria or some kind of correcting officer in enkanomiya (from what I remember) (and mind the terrible spelling lol). So we can infer that during the time enkanomiya was a thriving civilization, there were people whose clothes likely mirrored the travelers. Then add in the fact that back then tevayt was basically one huge civilization, and the travelers origins and eventual journey seem that much more confusing to me at least


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