Top 5 Re-Run Characters Units You Should Consider | Genshin Impact

In this video, we will be discussing who my recommendation of rerun characters you could get to enhance your Genshin experience.



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Venti – @saikekuu
Raiden Hyperbloom | Childe National | Abyss 3.8 Floor 12 | Genshin Impact
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nilou bloom x international | 4.0 spiral abyss floor 12 full clear (9 stars)
ayaka freeze x yelan national | 4.0 spiral abyss floor 12 full clear (9 stars)

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31 thoughts on “Top 5 Re-Run Characters Units You Should Consider | Genshin Impact”

  1. I must say that when you get Yelan, the game feels like turned on easy mode. Everything just dies. She was the first limited 5 star character i got and i don't regret her. She is fun, op, and definetly the best hydro character in the game.

  2. I don't think Tartaglia should be considereda as a unit you should consider, I mean there is Kokomi, which she can do what Tartaglia can do, plus healing and excellent off field hydro application.

  3. there are few things we should consider before pulling
    1. versatility
    2. synergy with current characters in your acc

    yelan fits in many teams and she is so op .. so yeah she is like a must have

    about kokomi she is sure a great unit but you might only wanna pull her if you have either ayaka or nilou or em raiden

    for nilou … you will need kokomi as well so you will need to pull both of them in the long run

    and ayaka .. you will need shenhe and kokomi to make her team comp and that won't be cheap if you don't have any one of them

    tartaglia … he is a great character you should definitely pull if you like him and his playstyle .. his team is f2p friendly too

  4. WALRUS! I missed you so much yesterday, I felt like a lost dog wandering and looking for its owner trying to find someone streaming to watch the 4.1 update with. I ended up watching it alone because everything just felt wrong, I'm so glad you uploaded today!

  5. i dont really understand how you can put ayaka at number 4 if u call venti out to not worth the primo, ayaka has exactly the same problem as venti witch is they hevily rely on abyss floor composition so if hoyo decides they are bad but if hoyo decides they are godly, the difference is that hoyo hates freeze and at least 1 chamber is bad for ayaka either side but hoyo wants you to pull for archons and venti is an absolute god in second side 4.0, the most trouble is copelius for him but the boss is very stationary so he is still a good dmg

  6. If you are talking enjoyment of the game Venti is actually better then any other anemo since the majority of you gametime is open world where his CC is unbeatable by a long shot. Abyss and single target are the only places where he falls behind

  7. I have to disagree with Ayaya, I think Alhaitham would be better because dendro shreds the same shields as cryo and you have far more team options, he is really good at low invesment and you can free your Kazuha for the other half

  8. my personal top 5 will be:
    5. alhaitham
    4. tartaglia
    3. nahida
    2. yelan
    1. kazuha

    nilou and ayaka are very reliant on abyss enemy's lineup. kokomi and ayato are often considered only for comfort option and/or 'versatile' while not being the very best choice in one said team. raiden is very replacable (with childe internat, and kuki in hyperbloom, and yae & beidou in electro dps). zhongli is overrated and just a comfy bait

  9. Yeah, this is an agreeable list. I have Ayaka, Nilou and Kazuha and Kokomi so I can testify they do their job perfectly. Ayaka is still my favorite cryo dps years later.

  10. Kokomi is trash, stationary jellyfish (whereas 4* fischl can reposition her OZ and even bring her back from expiry via burst whereas a 5* kokomi can't), insane ER requirements, forced to be onfield to heal offield characters makes her trash of the trashiest character, Kokotrash

  11. Im glad Akaya made the list 😊… i really thought i was going to regret it bc in gacha games tends to powercreep a lot … but genshin keeping the balance some how …Ayaka is my first limited 5 star … im not quitting genshin bc of her😊

  12. I have Tartaglia and Ayaka and I don't use them anymore, I think building a dendro team is cheaper and easier. I don't have Kokomi but I think she should be on Tartaglia's place, if you look at it from the perspective of a new player, playing around Tartaglia's mechanic could be something that a lot of players aren't going to like, and an f2p Tartaglia also requires a new player to do a lot of farming in order to balance his stats, which could take a lot of time because you need to get pretty good pieces in order to be able to compensate for not having his signature weapon or skyward harp.

  13. I agree with the list and i think its super solid and has good points for each character but i would say Alhaitham deserves a spot or at least an honerable mention for how he fits in dendro teams, the dmg that he has and he also is very f2p friendly ( he does gain alot of value with nahida of course but he can be without her too)


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