Tired of Waifu Impact? Get ready for the upcoming HUSBANDO IMPACT! Mihoyo is continuing their drip marketing campaign by announcing 2 brand new geo characters for 2.3!

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44 thoughts on “THE DROUGHT IS FINALLY OVER! Genshin Impact”

  1. Didn't think about his weapon being just like Raiden's weapon, only usable during burst….and now that I think about, Noelle also has the similar but thats more like covering her weapon in Geo power. Looking at the current 5☆ claymore, yeah, all of them are more of sword shape and only debate club isn't flat….interesting.

  2. "Kuki" is the surname, and "Shinobu" is the given name (as is for the other inazuma characters so far)
    i'm no jp expert but Shinobu for the most part is a pretty feminine name

  3. I am still going to get childe since i wanted him on his first rerun but i have been debating on whether or not to go for thoma since Hu Tao isn't too interesting to me and thoma will be on another banner in the future, i have been debating just doing 10 or 20 pulls for thoma but i dont want to risk pitty on Hu Tao.

  4. Kuki Shinobu sounds like a female name to me
    1. Kuki sounda like Cookie (no male should have this name, but it might work for a female idol)
    2. Shinobu is probably a female name (considering Demon Slayer's and JJBA P4's Shinobu)

  5. About the claymore, I think there is a chance it becomes a signature weapon for him, The aesthetics is not an issue since Mihoyo already gave us a literal fish claymore and the debate club has already existed since the beginning of Genshin, so giving us a 5* crazier looking debate club claymore is not a problem for them.

    But personally even if I have the chance to get his signature weapon(if it is that club he's holding) and even if it gives so much damage for him I would skip it since it doesn't look cool to me, I'll just stick with my Unforged or Skyward claymore for him.

  6. I've gotten really tired of stance changing/elemental infusion skills…
    Here are the ones so far :
    Noelle's Ult
    Xiao's Ult
    Raiden's Ult
    Kokomi's Ult
    Childe's E
    Hu Tao's E
    Yoimiya's E
    Keqing's E
    Chongyun's E
    Ayaka Dash
    Bennett C6 Ult
    Kazuha C6 Ult

    I really hope Arataki Itto doesn't have any "stance changing" skills, I really want to try out a new playstyle.

    (I mainly use Xiao, Childe and Raiden, so I'm kind of tired of it)

  7. Kuki Shinobu is a Japanese name(I am not a Japanese expert so I don't know weather this is true but as far as I know this should be 50% true 🙂
    Kuki is her family name and shinobu is her real name.
    I think this character is a female and not a male

  8. After considering everything, I realize that getting Itto (only if he's a main dps lol) has more advantages for me.
    I wanted to get Hu Tao, but I guess sacrifices must be made-

  9. I am still keep my pity for miko or birb mama which ever comes first……he look badass can't deny dat… let the girls enjoy their husbando they are long over due for one


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