So Mihoyo tried to ban me because of Genshin Impact…

So Mihoyo tried to ban me because of Genshin Impact… and I’m not even talking about the actual game, although I’m sure they were looking to see if I was secretly the beta tester leaking footage too. Unfortunately for them, it’s not me, but… They did shoot an arrow in my channel’s knee last night. I’m bleeding. They really don’t want to share the info about Hu Tao, huh?

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18 thoughts on “So Mihoyo tried to ban me because of Genshin Impact…”

  1. There are tons of videos on YouTube that show Hu Tao's idle animations and attacks. Hell, there are even some for Rosaria; who isn't even dropping till next patch. MiHoYo claims to be against leaks yet they do such an inconsistent job at cracking down on them. I think they only take action against the ones people bring to their attention. Idk. Regardless, it's very unfair to see some go scott free.

  2. Look they put alot of work into their damn game. Hours of work, and dedication into each and every pixel. Its disrespectful and inconsiderate to be leaking their content without their permission. They make money off of new characters and stories etc. Because they need it to continue upgrading their game. And by leaking THEIR content you not only ruin the game for others, but are just being an asshole in general. Do better😐


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