she's STRONGER? UPDATED Xinyan Guide – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Tips | Genshin Impact 2.8

Xinyan is overdue for an updated guide within the community given the new gear and gameplay she’s gained access to over Inazuma’s 8 patch lifespan, so this video will cover and explain everything you need to know regarding Xinyan in 2.8 Genshin Impact!



Thoma and Yun Jin both require Xinyan to consistently use normal attacks to make the most of their kits (Blazing barrier shields with Thoma and NA DMG increases with Yun Jin) which generally goes against Xinyan’s playstyle in which she utilizes her charged attacks.

While you CAN flex these normal attack-based supports into Xinyan’s team – especially Yun Jin – it’s difficult to warrant using them over other teams because in order to USE their buffs, you have to cut out other means of potentially high DPS for Xinyan, ESPECIALLY when she’s at c6 and benefits from the increased flat ATK whilst charged attacking.

Finally, the other problem is that as a melee user, Xinyan’s hitlag prevents her from noticably enjoying ATK speed buffs, and her already low ATK speed is what makes her less powerful with Yun Jin than other, faster DPS users are.

This is not to say you CAN’T use Thoma and/or Yun Jin with Xinyan, but they aren’t optimal on her, especially when considering certain circumstances such as c6 Xinyan, or the fact that Bennett simply provides everything Xinyan needs in a buffer for every scenario.

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Xinyan Calculations Mastersheet
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References & Additional Older Information (2.1)


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0:00 Intro
1:03 Kit & Important Details
4:15 Constellations
7:14 Best Artifacts
11:20 Artifact Stats (DEF vs ATK)
12:33 Weapons & Weapon Ranking
16:49 Team Comping (IMPORTANT INFO)
20:59 Xinyan Concluding Thoughts

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41 thoughts on “she's STRONGER? UPDATED Xinyan Guide – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Tips | Genshin Impact 2.8”

  1. Hey, what do you all of a cryo xinyan with blazzard set. It may be easier to access (no need for c6 Bennett, just chongyun) and she can possibly melt her attacks with her sheild.

  2. I started out as a xinyan main last year.. And yet I only knew about the c6 overall attack increase coz of your video! 🤯 i just assumed it increased charged attacks

  3. I love Xinyan and she use to to be one of my DPSs when she came out. I remember her I gave her the Snow Tombed with 2 piece ATK and 2 Piece Physical and if I remember right her ATKs gave off 5K-11K per hit and her burst was 85K by herself. But then I gained more characters and didn’t use her much and eventually turned her into a balance character with 2 piece Physical and 2 piece DEF while still holding the Snow Tombed.

    But I do plan to get her back up there as a Sub DPS when I’m done building my other characters cus I miss when she was giving out good DMG. Plus she’s one of my favorite characters in the game. I think it’s kinda funny how she basically was neglected during the first year of Genshin and now she’s like all over the place lol.

  4. I'm surprised Sacrificial Sword was not mentioned. She has an insanely long cooldown on her skill and it helps tremendously there as well the ER. She makes better use of it than anyone else. I guess if her skill is not all that important or you need bigger numbers with her normals and charges, then it's definitely not the best. But for ease of play and more spammable rotations it's pretty good.

  5. I think xinyan has always been a good 4* dps, not as strong as 5* because she isn't one, and she isn't accidentally stupid broken like Bennet and xiangling but she isn't bad because of that either.

  6. Some might say split scaling, but that means more stats, sets, and weapons are useful, and more flexibility for our fav rockstar. So many ways to play her and she just gets better with constellations and investment. Hope this video encourages more to actually try out Xinyan for themselves.

  7. I wish Genshin had another end game content where you play with different characters.
    This video got me quite interested in raising my Xinyan, but I have no real incentives to do so because I have raised other carries with proper teammates and items, and they still need artifact farming.

  8. In my Hyper Carry Raiden team, shield bot Xinyan is still my second best shield/buffer after zhongli. I use 4 piece tenacity and Favonious greatsword and oh lord, the rotation is perfect, plus the pyro resonance bonus with benny, she help me pull out my second best dmg with a shielder.

  9. My Xinyan is relatively new to my account and only lv 40, But I decided to use her for the summer event (gotta play lore characters, right,lol) and I threw Wolves gravestone and a half raised Pale flame/ bloodstained set and I was really impressed with what she could do at only lv 40. So she was added to my list of characters I'm gonna build when I'm done with the current round.

  10. I accidentally ended up with C6 Xinyan and a streamer – who is a Xinyan main – made me curious so I built her. She's a whole lot more fun than the community is willing to admit. To anyone who's umming and ahhing about whether or not to try her: please don't listen to naysayers. Make the decision for yourself. FUN is the point of levelling characters and she's got that in spades.
    Great video. 🙂

  11. I was curious in trying to give her 2x Husk of opulent dreams (+30% Def) and 2x Emblem of severed fate (+20% ER) to make a thicker shield and spam her burst to have her shield more often. Also give her a ton of defense and energy recharge artifacts (Maybe ER/Def sand, Def cup and Def circlet). Also the blacksmith weapon Witheblind (+51.7% Def)
    Wouldn't that make her a reasonable good shield support? Especially for Eula. Maybe an 8k shield (I'm not sure) with physical shred.
    I wonder, cause I haven't seen anyone trying it

  12. 1 addition: as you mentioned briefly, her E generates a lot of energy. Give her a sacrificial claymore and she'll be one heck of a battery. Obviously this is only if you're using her as a support. If you're fitting her on the Eula team, the energy she brings is definitely appreciated.

    That being said, I can't recommend her as a support for most people. Strengthening her shield is really important, to most people that means they'll have to get a whole new set of Def-focused artifacts. It's a lot of investment and for the end result, you only get something about the same as a Rosaria, who is free to equip whatever artifact set you have available.

  13. Yassss!!!! After her domain adventures, I grew to love her even more. Rapidly got her to lvl 90(already had her at 80) and got some artifacts for her.

    She is fun and full of personality. Thank you for giving her much needed love.

  14. Im running Xinyan as a physical nuker in a Superconduct team, Eula Fischl EMC Xinyan. Xinyan herself using 4 ESF and Skyward Pride to pump as much ER and boost Xinyan burst as much as possible. Does it work? Yes. Does it works well? Arguably

  15. I’ve been using Xinyan a lot more lately after building Amber as a physical main-DPS. They synergize very well together. It’s actually a case where you probably would want to emphasize her shield given Amber’s paper thin defense (she is a serious glass cannon). You can run Rosaria and Fischl/Yae for superconduct, you get Xinyan’s physical bonuses, Pyro resonance, and some defense.

  16. I literally happened upon your vids today, and it was an instant subscribe! I love the personality and quips you add into your guides, on top of them being very thorough and easy to digest. Amazing work dude! 👏🏻

  17. As a Xinyan main I actually didn't know about the charge attack buff into burst combo. I really thought it was only for her charged attack hits, haha. Definitely good information to have now. 😈

    Also as someone who also C6'd their Bennett (no regrets though) thanks for going on about Pyro Xinyan. Thought I was the only insane person who paired her up with Xiangling, Bennett, and Kazuha and said "Wow, this actually works pretty well." Mad appreciate it.


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