ROLL or SKIP? Tartaglia (Childe) Banner REVEALED | Genshin Impact

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30 thoughts on “ROLL or SKIP? Tartaglia (Childe) Banner REVEALED | Genshin Impact”

  1. Weapon banner is actually a smart move, although I hate the five star bow already since you need to fight those annoying specters again 😞

    Also your outro is absolutely amazing!

  2. ….. They would put characters on the banner I actually want more conts for jdfnfkjdsnfkjdsnf I'll consider it but I mostly want to skip out of principle because like you said MHY could've just released the bow without Tartaglia attached to it and focused on characters who haven't even had ONE RERUN YET. I love the new outro!

  3. I'm skipping this banner and skipping polar star. I would love to have the weapon for my Childe that I already have, but I don't think it's worth it for me since I'm not going to be spending money. I also want Thoma a looott. I simp for him. I'm not guaranteed Hu Tao, but if I win 50/50 then it's a plus to me. But if I lose, then I'm guaranteed next 5* that I absolutely want. So it's win win for me :3

  4. Darn I was gonna summon on weapons but the memory of dust threw me off. That’s a weapon that I don’t wanna loose pity too, if it was vortex I would be alright because With Zhongli it just looks cool on him…

  5. This banner is amazing! I desperately wish for Yanfei, i didn't get her last time not one single Yanfei. And i need the other two fourstars too for completing constellations. I have no more primagems but i will save and gather all i can get my hands on for pulling on this banner. If i get Childe it's nice icing on the cake, i didn't get him yet, i don't really need him but hey its a nice 5 star and maybe in an year or so i will raise him to 90 and play him in another team. Always think long-term. 😀

  6. I Want polar star for ganyu, I have both Ningguang and yanfei On level 90 an currently using R4 eye of perception on Ningguang and R1 widsight on yanfei, So getting Either Eye of perception or Memory of dust is a win for me, currently I have no ER weapon for Raiden and Im too lazy to farm catch, so getting favonius polearm is great, also refirements for rust are appreciated, over all this weapon banner is really great


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