Ranking ALL 47 Splash Arts in Genshin Impact

All Tier Lists Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLkxFf2mQqpLv70AjIF9s-0ZxgbRkzNfTW

Ranking all 47 splash arts in Genshin Impact, actually in order this time and all at once since some of them I just don’t have much to say for.

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37 thoughts on “Ranking ALL 47 Splash Arts in Genshin Impact”

  1. I may be biased because he’s my first 5* but childe’s is so cool. I also really love albedo’s, Jean’s, Diluc’s, Zhongli’s and raiden’s. They’re all so cool (especially zhongli but shhh). Also big agree on xinyan, hers is the best 4* splash

  2. NGL, I literally clicked on this just to see how high you would rate Barbara, now gimme a moment, lemme finish watching your video.
    Oooh that's what you rated her….I love you more for your love of cotton candy colors, So yay!

  3. I dont have any particular favorite splash art in Genshin however I always prefer the 5 star ones.

    What I love about the splash art is that you will know which of the characters is the archon cuz they make sure to show the overall representation of the region in the background of their splash art.

    Edit: Also the most unique one is Tartaglia in terms of silhouette.

  4. for me xinyan would be on the last bottom spot just because the white whing thing on her electric guittar just make her look like she's using a diaper and once you see that, you can't unsee

  5. i almost 100% disagree with the whole list but well ur opinion and i cant change that. so i’m just no… HOW F*KING DARE YOU PUT KAZUHA IN D TEIR YOU *** ** * *****/j

  6. Beidous one is kinda funny to me I was confused for a while why she didn't have a shield and sometimes I saw her with a shield in gameplay and that's because you need her C1

  7. I love genshin but they do splash art so terribly. Not even all the five stars have the full splash design like kokomi/raiden/zhongli. And most characters get the four star treatment of boring designs.

  8. Omg it's so rare to find another Bulbasaur fan, it was my first starter plus I love grass types is my favorite favorite type along with steel, the grass/wood/nature element is my favorite element in fiction which is why I'm so excited for dendro and my most anticipated archon

  9. How DARE you say anything SLIGHTLY negative about my sweet precious goddesses Ayaka, Ganyu and their burst animations. Did you know their burst animations cured ALL disease and famine on this planet? No, I bet you didn’t. My personality and everything I hope dear on this planet can be DEFINED by Ayaka and Ganyu. There’s only one way you could have insulted me and you managed to do it. I wish nothing but the worst upon you for the horrible things you’ve said. Disliked.

  10. Honestly I kinda feel like you should’ve separated the 4* character splash arts and the 5* ones because the 5* ones obviously get special treatment because more budget and profit from banner sales.

  11. I couldn’t tell you why exactly, but yae and zhongli’s art don’t hit me as top tier to me purely cuz their silhouette doesn’t feel very special? Unique? Mostly they are silhouetted as you pull. As apposed go raiden, who has all of those details cut in the silhouette as all, and Venti who has a similar kind of look but has more distinct shapes.
    Their details are super neat though, def very pretty when they’re shown.

    Idk what spurred this tbh just a thought pff this was a interesting vid !

  12. Kazuha’s being so low hurt me emotionally. Not physically, just emotionally. The simplistic yet stylized background just oozes character. Definitely better than many over detailed art above him

  13. I agree, the claw does look weird. I don't think I've really paid attention to the splash art. A lot of them are quite meh. I think Ayato's background looks too flat which is why you might not like it as much. The issue with some of the ones you don't like due to color – to me the characters almost blend into the background. The whole idea of a background to make the character stand out. May as well just not have anything behind them if they blend in. (At least from a mediocre artist's – who wishes they could do art like this- view.)

    Also – I must be a sociopath. Qiqi is my healer and hardly ever leaves my team! ha haa. I just wish it wasn't the bubble from the clam set that did all the damage.

    I do wish the traveler felt more like a badass. I mean, they are supposed to be a 5 star and the main person who has all these abilities. So… why do they suck so much when you start getting more characters and realize the traveler doesn't do the dmg they should? It has really taken me out of the story. Yeah, my Xiao walks up to someone, then the cutscene switches to the traveler… But nah… the protagonist should be able to be built super strong… Stronger than an Archon character with all they've helped defeat and done so far (story wise).

    Ok, done complaining. Enjoyed the video!

  14. My personal favorite is Albedo. He just looks so majestic with all of his attacks happening in a single frame. He looks like a flower in bloom, born from calx. I just love it.

  15. Personally, my favorite splash art is Xiao’s with my least favorite being Zhongli’s (I just hate the big block, I think it looks a whole lot cooler when things are separated and not just a rectangle when unrevealed)

  16. The only thing I'd disagree with is Childe's placement. I always thought that the wave beside him is way too big for no reason and isn't even interesting to look at. His weapon isn't even given that much contrast either its just him then BLUE.


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