Noelle & Husk of Opulent Dreams Showcase – Noelle Gorou Zhongli 3 Geo Team DMG Test

Video show Noelle & Husk of Opulent Dreams Showcase – Noelle Gorou Zhongli 3 Geo Team DMG Test Genshin Impact 2.3 gameplay 2021 on android iOS PC version 2021 , nintendo switch Build Guide artifacts
00:00 Start Stats
00:37 No food Test
02:09 Crit rate 20% Food
03:34 Full Food
05:55 No Gorou Test
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29 thoughts on “Noelle & Husk of Opulent Dreams Showcase – Noelle Gorou Zhongli 3 Geo Team DMG Test”

  1. I don’t understand how the stack works, when on field you gain 1 stack after hitting with geo dmg every 0.3s. I don’t understand when off field, it’s said you gain stack every 3s, so it it automatically gain stack every 3s or you need doing geo dmg too every 3s when off field to gain the stack? Can anyone explain? I hope anyone can understand this question

  2. seems like bad artifact set for noelle. is really take time to stack this new artifact, look complicated for her. full gladi or bolide is really more better for her as Burst DPS. i think HooD set is really good for Albedo and gorou because they both their skill more to off field gameplay. i read description this HooD set, is more to off field effect

  3. Maybe noelle not that synchronized enough with gorou even have 3geo, since her burst the geo demage only applied the first and second slash of the sword, it shown the 2 earlier slash have huge demage output

  4. For Whiteblind users:
    •Off field for +12s
    •Hit 4 times to get weapon stacks
    •Hit with the shield, because you lost the 4th husk stack by the time you maxed out the Whiteblind buff. With this, you go back to 4
    •Release burst. You got both the weapon's stacks of DEF and the artifact set's stacks of DEF all carried to ATK thanks to the burst
    •Enjoy Noelle nuking everything

  5. I am going to farm the set anyway for Albedo but I am not sure if it really matters on Noelle. Retracing bolide is still a solid option and I don't think the new set increases her damage by a lot.


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