New Player Plays GENSHIN IMPACT For The First Time! (I'm Addicted)

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38 thoughts on “New Player Plays GENSHIN IMPACT For The First Time! (I'm Addicted)”

    thank you sm the timing is impeccable I just got home from work so tired but seeing this notif promises me a good and relaxing evening <3 hope you like the game so far! it starts off a bit slow but it's worth it!!!

  2. Here are some beginner tips which I found out useful:
    You should check out the important messages, reactions guides by pressing LB + dpad up, as they give all the basic info to the new interactables you come accross.

    Levelling up weapons in early is not a good idea as the weapons we get from chests are pretty bad.

    You can level up any characters you want as the level up xp isn't hard to get.

    Don't forget to unlock all teleports and statues of the seven and actually use them to traverse the map.

  3. I don't know if you reacted to the trailer for the announcement of the genshin anime, if you haven't seen it, it's very good, it doesn't show anything but it shows everything at the same time

  4. Nice to see you've started. Just a word of advice; there is a lot, and i mean a lot, of content to play through, from all the quests and exploration and building characters, so I advise you to play at your own pace and I guarantee it will make it a more enjoyable experience and would prevent burnout. Hope you enjoy the game and I'm looking forward to watching your journey through this amazing game. 🙂

  5. Oml I'm so so hyped to see you play this! I've been enjoying your other Genshin videos a lot (e.g. the character trailer ones!) & your genuine reactions to them are very fun to watch. Gonna be tuning in to see your journey & reactions to the characters ^^ I hope you enjoy the game, it has a bunch to offer!

  6. Your reaction to playing the game and just wanting to keep exploring is just like me lol. But honestly it makes the game so much better. There is a LOT of lore hidden throughout the game, so talking to NPCs, reading item descriptions or books is pretty nice

  7. Hey glad you finally got to try it out!
    Some beginner tips, hmm

    1 – Collect all shiny things
    2 – Save your resources for now. You want to spend that for stronger characters and weapons that you like. Preferably 4 stars, but keep your 3 stars too some are just as good as the higher weapons.
    3 – Don't stress too much about getting stronger, the game is pretty easy at first. Just enjoy the game and get the hang of it.
    4 – Make sure you unlock all tp points, statues reveals a part of a map, so I suggest going for that first, then the way points.
    5 – Focus on the Archon quest for now.
    6 – I recommend pulling on the novice banner, you can get Noelle on your first 10 pull, and a 5 star character if you're lucky enough XD. There's a wishing system, make sure you check some videos regarding how "pity" works.
    7 – Check your mails and achievements, you can get rewards there!
    8 – Check out events for some Freemogems and rewards :p they're quite fun too!

    I might've miss some, so I recommend checking out some
    beginner guides out there. Enjoy your journey, it will be a lot of fun!

    Best luck on your streams! Co-op unlocks at a certain level, in which I forgor— Play with your viewers and help each other out! Btw visit HoyoLab site for daily check-ins and event updates!


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