MOST BROKEN SUPPORT! Updated Bennett Guide – Best Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact 2.6

Bennett is insane and in this video i’ll explain why and how to build and play him properly.
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Initial Info (0:00)
Talents & Playstyle [Why Bennett is BROKEN] (0:30)
Artifact Sets (4:18)
Artifact Stats [ER & Healing VS Damage] (6:59)
Weapons (10:12)
Constellations [is C6 Bad?] (13:53)
Team Comps (16:58)
Overall (19:04)


29 thoughts on “MOST BROKEN SUPPORT! Updated Bennett Guide – Best Artifacts, Weapons & Teams | Genshin Impact 2.6”

  1. when you bouken da bouken 👍

    edit: ignore the random team on screen at 16:18 editing did a oops

    also c6 bennett gives pyro dmg to bow/catalyst as well despite not infusing their attacks

  2. I love Bennett so much. Him and Kazuha have such amazing synergy.

    One of my primary abyss teams is Zhongli, Xiangling, Bennett and Kazuha.

    Aoe pyro is so good

  3. I just pulled Mistsplitter recently and gave it to my own Benny

    This guide will be helpful since I replaced my Festering Desire and a huge chunk of ER

  4. I disagree with the artifacts portion of the video. Personally i would always say build defensively.

    First of all, it's good artifact economy. Good pyro cups can go on pyro dps'. My xingqiu is still running 2 piece nobless for example, and I'd rather have crit on him.

    Secondly, healing. You gloss over how much more healing you can get from Bennet. Sure healing so fast you're almost invincible is good. Even better than that is actually being invincible. Bennet can give you that.

    Thirdly, dps. You can run damage calculations, and you'll probably get higher numbers with a more DPS focused bennet, but these are calculated results, not real results. My opinion you get better dps when you ignore dodging.

    Quick points, it's much more beginner friendly since better healing, having a high hp character to tank a high hit is really nice. I also feel ER is just more useful than crit. Overall I feel there's no reason to go offensive.

  5. When i started playing genshin and every where bennet was considered the strongest support i thought he was a 5 star and like a must pull. I got it with the free acquaint fates 😉

  6. Maybe some other people feel my pain. But if Bennet's C6 was literally "reduce base attack by 10% lol Bennett luck" I would still get it because of that damn exclamation point. It eats at my soul.

  7. As someone who's had had Bennett C0 for over a year (worst rng possible), I can say he's virtually useless without C1, don't be fooled by people saying he's ok without cons, they say that because they never really tried to make Bennett C0 work


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