MiHoYo making powermoves for Patch 2.3 & it saved Genshin Impact 2.2…

Genshin Impact 2.3 new units announced and Genshin Impact 2.2 Tartaglia character & weapon banner review.

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42 thoughts on “MiHoYo making powermoves for Patch 2.3 & it saved Genshin Impact 2.2…”

  1. Just a little prediction on my end:

    I think Itto will be strong. I figure that, as a 5 star, mhy realize they can't afford to have another trash unit.

    Gorou on the other hand I have very little hope for. I just have a sneaking suspicion that not as much care will be out into him and that he'll underperform. I've been burnt too heavily by Sara, and Thoma isn't looking particularly good either in terms of meta. As a four star I think mhy can get away with him not being as good, and I just have a gut feeling that's whats gonna happen

  2. Ningguang is one of the most desired 4*s and is also one of the strongest 4*s, she's like Bennett, considered one of the 'good 4*s' that are put on lower selling banners. She's the main 4* on this banner, more so than Chong.

  3. I don’t understand. How can you say a character reveal saved the 2.2 patch? Sure Arataki looks amazing, possibly one of my favorite looking characters. But that doesn’t change the fact that Mihoyo hasn’t changed at all, all chaos we caused was for nothing. No wonder they won’t listen, because you are willing to forgive them and move on when the new shiny unit drops.

  4. I mean Itto looks kind of cool but saying that he saved patch 2.2 feels like a big strech. Still atleast two months until he arrives and our issue with the game never was "there is not enough cool characters in the game".

  5. My #4 Favorite Husbando point will never settle at this rate (that or maybe it will settle, and the contest will move on to the #5 spot). I mean #4 was already contested between Tartaglia and Thoma… but now a new challenger joins the fray. And Itto is the archetype/trope that this fangirl is an incurable sucker for.

    But I disagree with you about "saving 2.2", in my opinion it did not need to be saved. Patch 2.2 comes with a new island, and I am looking forward to getting Tartaglia and Thoma. I want Tartaglia for my dream "Husbando Boyband" team. And Chongyun is literally the only 4-star I do not have. I got a C4 Yanfei, and a C3 Ningguang. The former works well with my C6 Xingqiu, and would love to C6 her. So I'm pulling on that banner.I've even decided to eat lunch brought from home at work for the month, so I can lay away my "take out" budget into an emergency stash for this. Boy I'm glad I don't smoke. I'd have to cold-turkey quit.

  6. Ah yes, Geo (my favorite element) and a Masculine man and a more feminine man, the duality of man (luckily i like both types as long as they are not super hairy!) GEO SUPREMICY! also idc what people say, Noelle is the one true Geo Archon-to-be!

  7. He's been leaked for quite a while.

    That being said, looks great, but so did Yoimiya, Raiden, and Kokomi from a looks standpoint. How they function is something else. At this point they've screwed up characters so much that it seems more likely he's going to have major glaring flaws than not. Hopefully he runs 2nd banner for 2.3, otherwise it's a hard pass for me. I want like 4 characters, and they seem determined to not run any of them. Sooo I'll just keep waiting.

  8. Do we know if he is the second or first banner of 2.3? Or when do we usually know ? because that will determine whether i pull for childe – or – Hu tao (and childe). I need to know!!!😅

  9. My initial thought is Itto will coming after Hu Tao banner since it's about time for them to generate player interest after the anniversary blunder. It's being speculated that his release is just around the corner since his persona is included in character voicelines and in interactions within Inazuma, along with MHY being secretive who the 3rd banner is.

    Edit: The reason why Tartaglia have those 4 stars in his banner is because Tartaglia passive synergizes with those 2 auto attacking characters, and also Ningguang might synergize with Gorou or Itto. Also, my speculation is that when a character have enough reruns, they'll be made available too in the standard banner.

  10. Itto has caught me so off guard! He has one of my favorite designs in the game so wether or not he’s good I’m pulling for him cuz I dont pull based on the meta.

  11. Still doesnt save 2.2 or genshin itself. The game still really boring and chore like. Once we get itto and build him and all and genshin will be back to the same boring chore gameplay. Plus we need to wait for two months before he drop so yeah, genshin is still dying


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