Looking back Version 1 (Genshin Impact)

한국어 버전

*이 영상은 수익을 창출하지 않습니다.

1.1 Unreconciled Stars
1.2 The Chalk Prince and the Dragon
1.3 All That Glitters
1.4 Invitation of Windblume
1.5 Beneath the Light of Jadeite
1.6 Midsummer Island Adventure

This is an entry for the Genshin Video Contest. I uploaded it on HoYoLAB.

원신 영상 공모전 출품작입니다.
원래 한국어로 만들었는데 이런저런 이유로 공모전 출품은 영어로 만들어서 냈음




27 thoughts on “Looking back Version 1 (Genshin Impact)”

  1. This is so beautiful Funkey! I’m glad it doesn’t leave me with a deep sorrow of disappointment like how a multimillion company did! Jokes aside, this is really well made! I miss Version one a lot, but I can’t wait to see what the future will become! Thank you, Funkey!


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