IN-DEPTH Ningguang Weapon Tier List (with Math) l Genshin Impact

This video will be an in-depth weapon guide for Ningguang main DPS – complete with tier lists, explanations with plenty of math/numbers, and recommendations. This is the second video for a series of detail tier lists, using the results from a Ningguang Damage Comparison Tool that I created.

Link to Ningguang Damage Comparison Tool:

For optimal use, make an offline copy. Play around with the parameters and find out the best artifacts sets for your Ningguang!! Let me know if you have any suggestions or feedback in the comments below as I will continue to improve this tool.

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Ningguang Artifact Tier List:

0:00 – Intro
1:36 – Tier List (5 Star)
2:52 – Tier List (4 Star)
4:01 – Analysis (5 Star)
6:56 – Analysis (4 Star)
12:36 – Summary

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35 thoughts on “IN-DEPTH Ningguang Weapon Tier List (with Math) l Genshin Impact”

  1. just got skyward atlas and i have zhongli too so going to build ninguang as burst spammer with bennet ulti i wasn't happy and going to build her before but i know zhongli and geo reso is getting buff so here u go

  2. I’ve always thought that Eye of Perception is the best 4*weapon for Ning. The bouncing of Bolt Perception is extra damage too. Thank u for proving it mathematically. Been holding back with the Solar Pearl and now I’m sure more than ever to not buy it anymore. Besides, the Pearl’s effect doesn’t apply on Ning’s charged attacks. Charged attacks are very crucial aspect of Ning’s kit.

  3. i hate how criminally underrated this is. this video is well thought out and overall gives depth to a character that gets sleep on. she has a ton, and i mean a TON of potential especially of the new geo buffs.

  4. With how shitty the RNG is, I prefer weapons with crit substats unless my characters ascension stat is crit. Unless you're a whale who can spend a lot on resin refresh, it's really hard to balance the crit stats of characters, so while atk% weapons usually deal more damage, crit weapons make character building a bit easier.

  5. i always thought the solar pearl was better due to the crit rate sub stat making her cheaper to build, i have an R3 EoP and an R1 solar pearl, is the EoP worth building if i already have a lvl 80 solar pearl?

  6. Thank you sooo much for doing this! It helps out greatly. I am just confused on the damage. My Ningguang doesnt hit nearly as high as the damage in ur excel file. The most I have ever hit is 15K on one hit. Is the total damage assuming how much I would hit doing her atk sequence?

  7. Hello, how would you respond to the prospect of using Solar Pearl over EoP because it allows more crit damage for those who don't have good artifact luck because they can now use a crit damage circlet instead of a crit rate circlet.

  8. If I have The Widsith at refinement lv4, should I still invest in lvling up my refinement lv1 Lost Prayer? Will it outperform the lv4 Widsith? I'm F2P so it's very unlikely that i'll refine the Lost Prayer so i'm wondering if i'm wasting resources

  9. When I was pulling for Jade Spear (Which I luckily got) I got a I few EoP and I already had 1 so now I have a r3 Eye of Perception just sitting in my inventory. Time to build Ninguang.

  10. My Ning is C0 and I use Sacrificial Fragments cuz that’s the closest I’ll ever get to a C2 Ningguang and that’s the only “good” catalyst weapon I have lol

  11. there is another tuber with the name of 'Alec John
    just made a video also showing number that say solar pearl and the widsth is way better than eye of perception , and im now sturgle do i buy the bp for the solar or no please help

  12. Says he needs a math expert…dude as far as we are concerned you are the math expert. Anyways finally rolled a catalyst from the gacha. Was using Prototype all this time because I had nothing else. EoP here I come


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