I Reviewed YOUR BEST FURINA BUILDS (F2P & WHALE) in Genshin Impact

that was way too many C6 Furinas…

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Outro: Valence – Infinite (NCS Release)

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26 thoughts on “I Reviewed YOUR BEST FURINA BUILDS (F2P & WHALE) in Genshin Impact”

  1. Nice. At least i know mine is good now. Still going for 200 cd (im at 188). Its kinda hard to justify building her more though when i slapped her on neuvilites team at level 40 and she got me my first 36 star lol

  2. I been preforming for over a month before she came out. And every other day since she been out. And I have….only 1 great artifact! A feather. Everything else is hot garbage. Like under 20CV and hardly any ER sub stats. The artifacts been evil. I got a cracked Sussy set tho. The luck went to those

  3. It seems i made the mistake to give her a HP Goblet because so many Guides said its better even for C2+. Seems i have to try to get my hand on a good goblet then ;_;


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