How Strong Are The Archons? [Genshin Impact Lore and Theory]

If you were to ask a Teyvatian what the Apex of power looks like, you’ll most likely get an answer akin to the Gods, or to whatever being exists in the mysterious city above. So today, I want to pose an age old question: How strong are the archons, or at least the four that we know now?


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37 thoughts on “How Strong Are The Archons? [Genshin Impact Lore and Theory]”

  1. Rex Lapis is ~the~ foundation of Teyvat btw

    Basically living since maybe it was founded and only him amongst the Archons that doesn't have prior Archon before him… Casually walking Teyvat not giving a shit about corrosion

  2. Wait, while we didn't witness Morax creating any Domains, from what I remember when Madame Ping gave us the Teapot she said that Rex Lapis taught adepti that technique of creating these small spaces.

  3. I think they should definitely expand the abilities of Venti and Zhongli and Ei, not talking about brute force or elemental manipulation but the fact that all archons are not only gods of a certain element but also gods of a certain ideals. Nahida's the god of wisdom and dreams and it's clear that she has those powers by her being the caretaker of the Irminsul as a god and by her dream manipulation. Ei being the god of eternity is not so clear but Makoto most certainly was a god of eternity, considering how Ei's story quest ends with the sakura tree paradox and the quest ended in Ei growing as a person and archon, understanding her sister's views better, so I guess she can gain those powers. Venti's the god of freedom and songs and sure the fact that he lets his nation be free of his control is a part of this freedom but he has no powers directly connecting to that, he is a good bard and his songs are magical in a way, so I guess that's one of his powers. And as for Zhongli, the god of contracts and the god of history and wealth, while his mora creating powers are there, his history and contract powers are hard to pinpoint. I mean sure he punishes those who break the sacred contracts but that's pretty vague and just a use of his other powers. And his history powers are a bit too close to buer's Irminsul memory powers for me as a concept. I really hope mihoyo give the new archons distinct powers like nahida and go back to expand the powers of the ones we have because that'd make for a really interesting fight with Kheanria'h and Celestia eventually.

  4. I've been thinking about what a god is or is not in Genshin lately. In doing so, I've been thinking about the Archons less and less as gods. Maybe they are more like Wizards. I'll get back to that. Even though the people of Teyvat refer to the Archons as gods, I think this context is important. The people of Teyvat don't have the factual knowledge to know who/what is or is not a god. That which is sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from godhood, if you don't mind the play on words. The Archon's names are derived from The Lesser Key of Solomon. The beings described in that text are summoned to serve. Not truly gods themselves.

    Here is an example of this idea. Gandalf in Tolkien's work is an Istari. To the people of Middle Earth, they give him the title of "Wizard". But it is important to realize this acts much like that of the title Archon. Wizrad's in Tolkien's work are not just people that are good at magic. People who cast magic are spellcasters, magicians, sorcerers, etc. Basically, they are wielders of visions. These are mortal instruments. Gandalf is an immortal that can indead understand the world at a greater level than mortals, wield power greater than them, and gain insights that change the very foundation of society. But he cannot change existence outright. He is just an Istari. Istari are Maiar, or spirits that had descended to the world to help the Valar shape the world (summoned, like the Archons – beings of the Lesser Key of Solomon). The Valar are greater beings yet than the Maiar. The Valar did quite literally create and shape the world. But they did not create life. That is yet beyond their power. To compare the Valar to Genshin, these might be the Four Shades of the Primordial One. The Valar were created by the supreme God, Iluvatar. And hence, the Primordial One seems to be on the same level as Iluvatar. Iluvatar is the being that did create all life and spring forth the existence of Middle Earth and the rest of its realm, Ea. Tolkien does not give us any insight into cosmology beyond this other than such cosmology most certainly exists. Genshin on the other hand, does give us clues to the larger cosmology. Such as the existence of descenders, like the Traveler, that come from outside of Teyvat's hierarchy of beings. Outside of its realm Teyvat's existence.

    So at the end of the day in Teyvat, what is a god? Is it the beings that mortal pay homage to? Is it the keep and shaper of the realm? Is it the creater of the existence? Or is it a higher level being. We have lore relating to all of these concepts.

  5. Zhongli did not have the gnosis yet when he first created Mora in Liyue Harbor. The archon war in Liyue was not won just yet since Havria was still killed by some other god and her ppl had to flee to Liyue harbor.

    Zhongli corroborates the historians statement when they said that the first house built in Liyue was made of pure Mora by him and Liyue harbor was built before him becoming archon (Historia Antiqua, Zhongli's 1st SQ). The gnosis likely was just used to power up the actual minting of Mora for the entirety of Teyvat. I imagine it would take a toll on his body if he were to produce Mora on such a large scale for the entire continent for thousands of years.

    But, if it were to produce Mora out of thin air, Zhongli can still do it. Remember the description of Prithiva Topaz Gemstone: "The currencies that flow through this land are my flesh and blood. For thus did I become the guarantor of the people's hard work, wisdom, and future.

    This is the trust I have placed in them. Betray it, and you taint my blood."

    Most likely, Zhongli said Mora cannot be produced anymore since ppl think that the Geo archon is the only one who can produce it, which he is, but since he's presumably dead, it would be suspicious if Mora were still being produced somewhere. Him saying that to traveler is not the first time he lied to us. The entire archon quest of Zhongli was basically him manipulating the scene to get what he wanted.

  6. Great decernment on domain expansion for ZhongLi. I also thought him sealing the gods was such method. That said, why does liyue have so many sealed gods? Was the majority of the War in liyue?

  7. For the current age with the latest bit of information, the ranking should be Ei>Zhongli>Venti>Nahida.
    EI is strongest because she is still in her prime while Zhongli is arguably not.
    All other Archons are stronger Nahida because I doubt metal manipulation can have a strong enough effect on those beings.

  8. I always thought that Ei could just use the Musou no Hitotachi as her nomal attack. From what i known so far. She's the type that rarely get tired in a fight. I also like to think her Musoin gorge attack is never her strongest. Like another normal attack. If her Musoin one doesnt make her went to need a rest and that its attack reach Narukami mountain and cleave it in half which could probably meant that it went even further. Maybe expand into the black area of the map but who knows how far. And how strong and far larger the aoe will be if she uses enough energy to the point she needed 1 day rest before get back to fight again? Not to mention that the ingame map size was downsize to hell for optimization. My prefered size equilavent for the "in lore" size is that 1genshin meter = 55.96real meter. Let that sink in.

  9. With how strong characters are in cutscenes, the gods must be ridiculous. Can we just take a second and look at Ningguang and Shenhe. We've got levitation, transporting/creating large complex objects, a town sized Meteor shower, freezing an entire tsunami, casually jumping hundreds of meters carrying massive boulders etc, etc.

  10. Raiden seems to be able to control weather patterns and forcibly make inazuma completely isolated from the outside. The ocean fog, thunderstorms, the waves, things only beidous ship with beidous expertise can get by. Very powerful!

  11. What's also interesting is that Nahida can hijack Katheryne- a bionic puppet.

    So it confirms that her hijacking is not limited to living beings. But also mechanical ones, so long as they have a "conciousness".

    What I'm trying to get at is that Buer can possibly operate those big chunga Ruin Golems.

    Seeing as Zhongli literally gave life to a rock (Azhdaha), It may be possible for Nahida go give to golems "conciousness" and hijack it.

  12. spoilers for archon quests:

    i’ve always wondered how venti or barbatos is not a stronger archon
    don’t archons also get their powers from the amount of followers they have?
    barbatos has a whole church dedicated to him, a statue dedicated to him, events and traditions dedicated to him, his people and even people outside of his nation pray to him on a daily basis. unlike with morax, his people acknowledge him as alive so barbatos still has much support from his followers due to this. is he just being humble or does a followers devotion not matter at all to an archons strength
    if followers do matter to an archons strength, then shouldn’t morax be on the more weaker side? it’s confirmed or implied that he has lost followers after he faked his death, his people do not acknowledge him as alive anymore so therefore there is no point in praying to him unless a portion or the entirety of his people believe he’ll be resurrected.
    raiden shogun has made public appearances multiple times so her people know she’s alive so she should have a bunch of support from her followers
    same with nahida because her people acknowledge her as alive and as their archon (after the archon quests, of course) so shouldn’t she also be strong or have a boost of strength from her followers?

  13. I find it interesting that Venti is able to bring back the winds of the past to show people their pasts. If not their pasts in a picture form, the sounds and scents associated with said memories

  14. Also they're a product of natural phenomena like Venti literally is the wind, Zhongli comes from bedrock, Ei is a manifestation of lightning, and Nahida is literally a branch from irminsul. This just means there is a possibility that they will still live for eons as long as those things exist.

    As for erosion we haven't literally seen an Archon that is suffering from it. About Zhongli and Ei, their actions were a byproduct of their mindset since they always think for the long term but they haven't yet suffered from any sort of erosion. As for Venti, he IS the cause of erosion since he is literally the wind. And for Nahida, she is the avatar of irminsul so she probably will live longer than her predecessor.

  15. I really think you ought to bring up Herscherrs and the Starrail's Aeon's at some point. We know they're all interwoven thematically, and in Raiden's case (and likely the other main Valks) directly shared. Herscherr cores/gems = Gnosis, Irminsul = Imaginary Tree simulacrum, Abyss = Sea of Quanta. Griseo = Primodial one with the 4 shades (her event summons). Also I still have bets on Alice being Elysia. The leyline energy rather than being "radiation" is likely either Imaginary power or directly Honkai. The forbidden knowledge? Well we can't have the Ark knowing about Honkai energy / Quanta to invite them into the Ark so we'll make it a curse to know. Aether / Lumine likely to be Aeons from HSR.

  16. don't forget nahida's ability to create "enchanced akasha terminals" which im assuming are robots that she's able to channel her powers through to help her (or in this case the traveler) fight

  17. Nahida has the most broken ability. If she wasn't so kind, she could use the samsara to hone her physicality and martial arts for centuries while only spending a few years in reality

  18. 12:54
    zhongli can also dream walk as mentioned in the archon quest by ninngguang. I belive Xiao also mentiones it dusing his story quest?

    Great video! I hope we eventually find out more about Barbatos's powers


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