How I Built All My Characters in Genshin Impact

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I get a lot of questions on how my character builds in Genshin Impact so I made a video to show the artifacts, weapons, constellations, and more! Check the timestamps to find specific character builds.

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0:00:00 How I Built My Genshin Characters and How to Use this Guide
0:01:09 Alhaitham Build
0:02:40 Aloy Build
0:03:20 Amber Build
0:04:34 Barbara Build
0:06:07 Beidou Build
0:07:41 Bennett Build
0:09:50 Candace Build
0:11:35 Charlotte Build
0:13:07 Chongyun Build
0:14:44 Collei Build
0:15:38 Dehya Build
0:17:04 Diluc Build
0:18:19 Diona Build
0:19:57 Dori Build
0:20:52 Faruzan Build
0:22:50 Fischl Build
0:24:07 Furina Build
0:25:20 Ganyu Build
0:26:21 Gorou Build
0:28:02 Heizou Build
0:29:20 Jean Build
0:31:00 Kaeya Build
0:32:39 Kazuha Build
0:34:32 Keqing Build
0:36:08 Kirara Build
0:37:43 Klee Build
0:38:51 Kujou Sara Build
0:40:01 Kuki Shinobu Build
0:41:52 Layla Build
0:43:18 Lisa Build
0:44:32 Lynette Build
0:45:56 Mika Build
0:47:35 Mona Build
0:48:52 Nahida Build
0:50:14 Neuvillette Build
0:51:04 Ninguang Build
0:52:31 Noelle Build
0:53:49 Qiqi Build
0:55:19 Raiden Build
0:57:04 Razor Build
0:58:30 Rosaria Build
0:59:40 Sayu Build
1:01:02 Shenhe Build
1:02:36 Sucrose Build
1:04:18 Tartaglia Build
1:05:43 Thoma Build
1:07:00 Traveler Build
1:09:08 Venti Build
1:10:44 Wanderer Build
1:13:20 Xiangling Build
1:14:54 Xingqiu Build
1:16:01 Xinyan Build
1:17:05 Yanfei Build
1:18:14 Yaoayo Build
1:19:46 Yelan Build
1:21:10 Yun Jin Build
1:22:18 Zhongli Build


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26 thoughts on “How I Built All My Characters in Genshin Impact”

  1. You don't have Ayato? Or either of Kamisato siblings? Then what should my artifacts for him be? (I plan on getting him once his banner comes after furina, so far have saved 174 pulls and am at 50 pity)
    Still have meh artifacts, but so far he has: 61.6 hydro dmg bonus, 124.6 crit dmg and 45 crit rate (ik I'm working on trying to make both of those numbers higher by trying to get better artifacts) and 199 energy recharge and also a lvl 90 amenoma sword
    Hopefully will have a good synergy with him and Lisa for taser team (building Lisa as elemental mastery, so far with lvl 6, 9, 13 elemental mastery artifacts she already has almost 700 elemental mastery, so still need to upgrade her artifacts to max and her talents are lvl 3,4,4 so need to work on her more and after getting ayato then focus on him)

  2. Thanks for running through all this Shark! I see why account reviews are so exhausting now. Question about your YunJin artifacts – is EM worth building on her, or any Geo really? I've got 2pc Husk 2pc Emblem on mine.

  3. Just a side note Shark if you do run Noel on 4pc Husk her energy issues will be solved because I run her on Husk and I have no energy problems whatsoever (could be due to some of my rolls) but you just got to go through the pain of farming that domain… It wasn't that bad for me don't know how it will be for anybody else ijs Noel at C6 slaps the abyss floor 12 no problem

  4. Hi shark i didnt play for a lomg time but I am 100% sure that I had kirara, I was playing on computer and now I play on ipad. When i look into my charactrr roster i dont see her anymore, I sent a ticket but is there a chance that they will return her 😢😢😢


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