GUIDE | Improving Your Spiral Abyss Run Without Relying on Artifacts [Genshin Impact]

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31 thoughts on “GUIDE | Improving Your Spiral Abyss Run Without Relying on Artifacts [Genshin Impact]”

  1. I agree with that a team that have synergy, enough Er, have a propose for the floor you are facing and good rotation can get you 36 stars, units that consider bad can be viable even in floor 12 (I used my C0 level 55 barabra many times in floor 12-2 for many abyss rotations mainly if I need to freeze the enemy to immobilize them, I’m currently trying to use my C0 level 23 Sayu in electrocharge team and so far I’m 35/36 stars she needs more Er if I want to get 36 stars) but really if you can have a smooth rotation and as of current 12-3 (good RNG in grouping the enemies) then you can 36 stars with good skill and planing

  2. In my case, I'm bad at the game + lazy to build and level up my characters…
    But I still was able to clear 36*.

    Because I have gone for a 12-1 3* clear
    Then changed my team to adapt for 12-2 3* clear
    Then for the last one…
    12-3 was really tough to beat
    I had to carefully analyze the enemies patterns. For exemple on 12-2-1 I always reset to get the perfect RNG when the two machines teleport to me. Then I'm trying real hard… With a lot of patience you'll get through.
    Then for 12-2-2. I have an extremely hard team to play (no shield no healer), however my DPS is really high too. So I do not rely too much on RNGsus.
    Took me around 3 hours to beat but was fun to beat.

  3. I mean.. I beat abyss with 36* with eula and a kinda scuffed tartaglia vape comp with 40 seconds remaining on 12-3. It took about 3 hours of resets cuz fuck ruin cruisers. Point is if I can beat abyss with 2 scuffed teams and 40 seconds remaining I believe anyone can

  4. I hv been seeing these abyss runs a lot quite recently, sadly as much as I want to finish in short times, I hv one very glaring issue…
    The mobs don't spawn immediately, they take their time to spawn when the challenge starts, so I barely can even get 3 stars.
    But I can agree with ur point, just play skillfully and no need to rely on a luck based item.

  5. I completely agree that player skill affects gameplay more than gears because when my boyfriend play the spiral abyss on my account, he can clear it with 36 stars while I barely can clear it with 30 stars

    Ofc we both are using the exact same characters with the same build but different strategies and different rotation (also different device specs) so it shows how player skill can greatly affect the result

  6. this video is super important for alot of people to position better and also play more efficiently. but then maybe help teach players that since the kazuha with his pin point cc helps groups enemies in a way that's really efficient that some players don't have access to. the clear time doesn't matter in this case just the improvement of people runs matter. if you used a weak team and showed a bad run and then ran the same team with efficient positioning and a huge improvement on time it would be helpful for alot of players. I guess when people see bennett zhong li shred and kazuha cc they are going to assume they don't have the characters for it.

  7. Yeah, your test doesn't support your argument is it? you were not able to clear in same or less time with naked supports!
    if you ask me, both the gears and understanding of the game is equally important. it's not one better than other. It doesnt matter how skilled you're at the game, if your gear suck, so will your dps and clear time.
    on the other hand if you have stacked gears, you can just unga bunga through your spiral abyss runs.
    But for average players, i think it is best to have a decent gear, and skill both equally important. Neother one is "more important" than the other

  8. Idk dude, Idk about using Zhongli and Kazuha to reinforce your idea that you dont need gear to clear Spiral Abyss dude. I mean yes you can clear these floors using a subpar dps like Keqing but using supports like Kazuha and Zhongli which are gated in limited banners, Bennett too actually to a lesser extent cause you can get him in all the banners you roll. I would suggest doing a 4 star version of this with top tier 4 star supports like Sucrose Diona etc so that will enhance your argument instead of the argument devolving into should I roll for x or y charcter instead.

  9. Abyss is the only content in the game that requires actual skill (aka; learning rotations and minmaxing characters) to beat, hence why a video like this is necessary for a lot of people, because a lot of players go into abyss with the same mentality that they use to beat up mobs in daily comissions which is just to press left click until everything is dead, and a lot of players when they see that they fail in abyss they blame it on their gears and characters (even when they have broken 5 stars lol) when in reality abyss it's all about player skill.

  10. I agree. I kept thinking my dmg wasn’t enough on my freeze comp for 12-2 second half, but when I rewatch my footage and watch other people runs, I realized my rotations weren’t optimal.

    I appreciate your video because it makes me feel slightly better about my trash stat rolls XD. Jkjk. Abyss really does take patience, practice, and strategy.

  11. Now i challenge you kill magu kenki low time with your super good rotation with trash artifacts especially on your dps since your saying DON'T need to RELY on ARTIFACTS

    But things is if don't have high damage how can kill magu kenki under low time or kill a mechanical array no matter how good your rotation if trash artifacts can never 3 stars dps check enemies. Unless your 5 stars characters have 5star wepon r5 and lot constellations

    Yes you need good strategy but most important is level of talents and artifacts

    Only character can break what im saying is ayaka c2 since she's really overpower even you give her trash artifacts as long your enemy eat burst ayaka can greatly reduce hp enemy


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