Genshin Impact Recipe #65 / Come and Get It! / No Tomorrow / Qiqi's Specialty

Qiqi’s specialty. The neat rows of ingredients seem at once exotic and delicious, and Baizhu says that Qiqi has spent a long time creating this dish. Still, once one considers that Qiqi has no sense of taste, just putting chopsticks to the food is going to take some courage.


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22 thoughts on “Genshin Impact Recipe #65 / Come and Get It! / No Tomorrow / Qiqi's Specialty”

  1. How did you get into cooking Asian food? Dishes like this are too complex and time-consuming for most of us to even consider doing and your background is French cuisine, right?

  2. It's nice to learn different cuisines from around the world. I've never thought of adding any kind of sweetness to my meals. Let alone a full blown caramel haha. Let's try this one too! Hope it tastes as amazing as yours looks.

  3. Very cool man, but seriously this is at least 3 dishes combined, I don't think I'm gonna even try to replicate this 😀 Tianshu meat itself is a lot of work and here it is only like third of the dish. Also I doubt that our forgetful zombie would actually remember this many steps 🙂 Thx and continue man

  4. Hey if you're looking for some non-Genshin recipes I have a suggestion: Squid Ink Curry from Animal Crossing New Horizons.

    The 2.0 update introduced some new cooking recipes and this one in particular stood out to me since I've never thought it would exist. Turns out it's based on Sodhi from Sri Lanka and is very popular there (for some reason). Hope this helps with enlightening your culinary experience! 👌


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