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26 thoughts on “GENSHIN IMPACT MEMES #946”

  1. #GIM
    When Arlecchino arrives in Fontaine to get Childe out of prison
    Arlecchino: Neuvillette I've come to bargain
    Furina: Don't you mean me?
    Arlecchino: …
    Arlecchino: Neuvillette I've come to bargain

  2. 1:50 um if you saw pimons truest reflction it would be the susnaetr of hevely precables staring right back at you bruh.
    hoyoverse: ashtiboy! stop spoiling pimons carcter plost twist reveail arc for the end game for the gosh darn 100ith time in a row bruh.
    me: well then hoyoverse then don't make your story ploit twist so gosh darn obius then you shold have kown that pimon spilled the beans in the engish dub way way to ealry and thats on your head hoyoverse not mine.

  3. #GIM
    Player: *enter merusea village
    Also players: *aranara quests ptsd
    Players when they actually spam through the quest line: hey that didn't take long
    Players who actually read the quest: it's not enough, give me more, MOOOOREEE

  4. 2:55 those characters synergize and have "good kits" despite their element and obviously they'd have synergy… there's so few of them, and even then it's still better performance wise to just slap a different character or hyperbloom there which geo actively deducts.
    it's the same dumbass argument from the release of the game "electro is fine because beidou and fischl" it has NOTHING to do with the god damn element itself, the failed mechanic of constructs, and how all the sets for geo don't even work.


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