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25 thoughts on “GENSHIN IMPACT MEMES #391”

  1. #GIM 1:40 my Harem is as followed: Electro Mommy (Ei), Geo Daddy (Zhongli), Zombie Chaser (Hu Tao) and Zombie (Qiqi) so I'm pretty good as long as police isn't involved. . .

    "You see, officer, it's not p€do because she is over 500 years old . . ."

  2. Me: you know that there are several maps on Windtrace right?

    Mihoyo: uh huh

    Me: and there probably a fair rng on where can I play next?

    Mihoyo: sounds about right

    Me: so why tf am I stacked at playing on Dawn Winery for 1770173 rounds?

    Mihoyo: idk man, seems kinda fair to me


  3. #GIM

    Me: I like playing Genshin Impact
    Haters: Genshin Impact really sucks, stop playing GI
    Me: Don't even think about it.

    I always face those GI haters every single time and it will always repeating and repeating.


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