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48 thoughts on “GENSHIN IMPACT MEMES #218”

  1. If genshin impact collabs with Nintendo, There's only one thing for smash Bros, And it's not the twin travellers, it's Hu Tao.

    Reveal Trailer: Richter Belmont, Link & Luigi are walking in a dark & gloomy forest, until they hear some Rustling from the bushes, Luigi gets Spooked and the two men prepare themselves, only to see a rabbit hop out and away, then suddenly, The 3 men feel something is behind you, and Boom, 'Hu Tao is in the spirit to battle!'

  2. 2:25
    Me as an individual using Xingqiu’s E to heal because i don’t have enough material yet to upgrade my Barbara, I usually really get bored by waiting for healing the whole team when I’m being in a domain and this
    frustrates me

  3. 1:24
    Me: i am not going ear you :D-
    Mihoyo: its raiden shogun’s ascension item…
    Me: why are we still here… just to suffer
    (Also fun fact for some people if you finnish tatara tales quest the mikage furnace will have no more high electro energy

  4. #Gim
    Her-He's probably thinking about other girls
    Him-When the Venti banner comes back,and someone pulls for Venti and gets him,does that mean that Zhongli or Baal had to push him out of Celestia?


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