Ganyu Re-Run Date! + New Weapon Type LEAKED! | Genshin Impact


0:00 – Intro!
0:32 – Eula & Albedo Giveaway!
0:50 – New Weapon Type!
2:19 – Ganyu Re-Run!
4:35 – Shenhe + yunjin rarity!
5:30 – Yae Miko Info!
7:50 – Outro!

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Song: persona 5 ost

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48 thoughts on “Ganyu Re-Run Date! + New Weapon Type LEAKED! | Genshin Impact”

  1. Maybe those daggers that are connected using chains, like the one from ninja assassin. Highly doubt it but that weapon in the movie is used as a close combat but has some range as well, it would be so satisfying seeing that weapon infused with elements, even more satisfying than Childe's raging tide

  2. I want a Scythe so Hu Tao can be converted or Shang Chi esque rings would be cool or maybe a martial artist. That background character in the Guoba cutscene wearing white and blue that resembles Chongyun and Xiangling’s attire would be the perfect first martial arts character

    Ever since I’ve seen Thoma’s auto attack animations I’ve wanted a hand to hand combat character

  3. This is like the fifth time you have showed up in my recommended and each new video is the same ganyu thumbnail, I’m not giving your channel even a chance because people like you are just in it for the money and that’s obvious.


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