Fandoms react to Kaveh || part 5 (Genshin Impact) || gacha club || Mxonie

The long awaited new part is finally here,I took a long break for personal reasons. Writing on the wall: …


31 thoughts on “Fandoms react to Kaveh || part 5 (Genshin Impact) || gacha club || Mxonie”

  1. Why are Shigaraki and Kaveh so cute together? (I don't mean that in a ship way) And how Shigaraki wasn't happy that Kaveh disappeared at the end!

    This was a great video! Thank you very much and I wish you a wonderful day or night!

  2. honestyl i hope hat guy is last as he is the only non human i think bc idk the short white haired guy on daais side love this tho makes my day when i see a new part cant wait for the next one and take care

  3. I was kinda hoping to see them react to how Kaveh’s dad died bcuz he told him to participate in the competition, how he blames himself for it & thinks he doesn’t deserve kindness/happiness 😭
    Or at least how he donated all the money he won to charity 🥹
    But it was a great video nonetheless!! Great job!

  4. Ignore the random blurry boxes in the video, there is something wrong with the YouTube editor and it put that,I will try to remove it

    Edit: I managed to fix it,let me know if they appear again


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