Everyone Should Do This For Their Accounts In Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact accounts needs constant attention from players to upkeep and here is something you should be doing for your account regularly.

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20 thoughts on “Everyone Should Do This For Their Accounts In Genshin Impact”

  1. 7:26 "So these are some of the top units they've built up…………………………..*sees a lvl 90 ALoy and stops to contemplate life*……………………………………………………… We have Ganyu, We have Raiden Shogun"
    Love it

  2. Should I pull for Hu Tao if I have Raiden and I’m using her national team (xiangling Bennett xinqqiu)? I have been waiting for hu Tao for a little while and I want two teams for spiral abyss but I’m not sure if it is worth tearing apart my national team that is fully built…. Thoughts?

    I also have some other characters like kujou Sara at c2, yunjin, sucrose c3, rosaria, jean, fischl, diluc, shinobu etc…

    I am also waiting for kokomi to use with raiden and possibly zhongli for Hu Tao. That was a lot of info but what should I do?? I’m not much of an expert when it comes to this game 😅

  3. Frankly said I hate watching whale accounts….there are no efforts made in building characters ….. They just use there shut load of money to make characters work…. Nothing to learn from here….bye….. Show me accounts that are f2p or just welkings who create characters with blood sweat and tear…..

  4. I have to say that what you said about Tighnari was good. Kind of reinforced how i felt about Alhaitham as i have a invested Tighnari that i pair with Fishcl+Albedo+Zhongli and i very much enjoy how that team feels to play

  5. Hi im a begginer at ar 20 and luckily pulled xioa on my 1st ever wish on the banner, is he good? Should i use him? I've got xiangling as my dps hero but dont know if i should change

  6. The route I chose is really just to maximize the characters I truly enjoy. Ofc I've build all of my 5* characters to a usable state, but at the end of the day I'll still be back to playing the characters I really WANT to play. Don't regret C6ing Childe at all even though I know his constellations aren't that great compared to other C6 5* characters.

  7. I just started a couple weeks ago and I already ran into the issue where I could could only deal with certain situations. I got Xingqiu from the event, and things were immediately much better, no it's time for Yelan.


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