Dainsleif Explains Everything in 4.7.. Kinda | Genshin Impact Lore

After waiting for literally an entire patch, Dainsleif finally explains everything that happened when we met the sinner. Everything related to the sinner, the loom of fate and even our sibling is explored in the 4.7 archon quest but in truth though hes not the only one that drops some lore bombs so in this video we are going to discuss everything that was brought up in the 4.7 archon quest and see what it all means as dainsleif explains everything in 4.7.. kinda

Some part of this video comes from the actual lore while others may be speculation on my part as we currently do not know the full story. As such take it with a grain of salt as the point of this video is just a deeper dive into Genshin Impact lore.

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  2. Aaaa I'm so glad you came back to Genshin lore. As player of both Star Rail and Genshin I reallyyy really love hearing your thoughts on the lore so much! Thank you for video : ]

  3. For the end this is actually a thing in hi3,Higokumaru is the herrscher of corruption with a similar look of yae sakura looking through her memories. When the hoc was sealed it made Higokumaru and other elfs in hi3 are weakend versions of characters who had a lost of power.

  4. I think you forgot that when an archon or a god uses a lot of their powers, not only do they lose a great portion of their powers but also their memories. Take Guoba for example. He was a god of the stove before and during the archon war. But after the war, not only did he lose his godly powers but he also loses his memories. Same goes to Nahida after the cataclysm. So who’s to say that Piamon was once a celestial god before the cataclysm, plausibly the Sustainer. And who to say that after the cataclysm, Sustainer used up a lot of her godly powers to stop the calamity only to lose all of her powers and memories and devolving into the being we know as Paimon.

  5. I don't think Paimon to be literally the heavenly principle, but either it's core or like guoba, in a ''dormant state''. she not good enough to be playing the traveler, but if she believes it's genuine it's more likely to work

  6. The idea that the sinners sacrificed Khaenri’ah and even best boi Caribert really messes with me because of the face that Venti is seemingly fine with one of them being in his boarders. Like Alice and the rest of the Hexenzerkil I get, but why would he be fine with Gold when she is part of the reason his people and friend suffered?

    Then again I guess it could be the fact that he literally feels like he can’t do anything if she’s that powerful

  7. 9:11 but they don't have similar functions. I'm assuming you're going with the bad take theory that says Irminsul edits memories? But the Loom of fate cannot do that. Even the incomplete Loom of fate couldn't do that. All Caribert could do was inset new memories and he had to be careful they didn't clash with existing memories and physical data in the material world. What the Irminsul is supposed to do under the "only memories" theory is change everyone in Teyvat's memories, instantly, editing them in place and doing so seemlessly and also editing all the physical world to make sure that the physical world was not inconsistent with the edited memories. Traveler mentions this isn't possible and surmizes that there must be limitations on Caribert's added memories. Why would Sibling consider it impossible if they already witnessed the Irminsul do far far more, twice now?

    So these two things are not at all similar if you believe the "only memories change" theory. Irminsul "only changes memories" which is pretty useless if you want to change fate. The Loom "of fate" presumably can change fate.

    Also in what sense is the Loom of fate a project of the Sinners? And in what sense is Sibling being mislead? Sibling and Caribert seem in control of themselves and their feelings.

  8. If Paimon is actually a regressed Heavenly Principles, it's quite possible (if not in fact likely) that she has no memory of her past actions. After all, Nahida has no memory of her time as Rukhadevata, so there is precedent. Thus, she didn't react to the relinquishing of the Hydro throne, because she had no context to interpret that as a bad thing.


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