C6 Noelle Wet Rock & C6 Kuki Shinobu Aggravate – Spiral Abyss 4.2 – Genshin Impact

New Version 4.1 lineup Abyss run, this time featuring Noelle Wet Rock and Kuki Aggravate!

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Hello dear onis! The name’s Shimetsu and this is my channel, welcome to the gang! I consider that I am very unusual Spiral Abyss content creator since I enjoy to do runs using off-meta characters and off meta teams, so if you like them, this is your channel!

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0:00 – 12-1-1 – Noelle
1:31 – 12-1-2 – Kuki Shinobu
2:23 – 12-2-1 – Noelle
3:41 – 12-2-2 – Kuki Shinobu
4:33 – 12-3-1 – Noelle
6:36 – 12-3-2 – Kuki Shinobu
7:35 – Builds – First Half
8:53 – Builds – Second Half

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Thanks to Tnbee and Vetrom for the amazing soundtracks! Visit their channel if you enjoyed the background music 😀


14 thoughts on “C6 Noelle Wet Rock & C6 Kuki Shinobu Aggravate – Spiral Abyss 4.2 – Genshin Impact”

  1. hi shimetsu! awesome video again. have you considered having barbara as a driver, with furina/yelan/kazuha? I was struggling to get the last star (for some reason, I really struggle with the abyss lectors, even with xingqiu + yelan) until I played this team.
    I had barbara on prototype amber and as much hp and energy recharge from artifacts as I could. people say barbara’s ER requirements are too high to justify playing her in furina teams but I could actually use her burst on every rotation!
    but since furina enables every on-fielder to use marechaussee, I wanted to know how much damage dps barbara can do. yelan will provide a ramping damage percent buff to the on-fielder, and furina and kazuha provide their own buffs.
    I know dps barbara will be strictly worse than noelle in furina teams, but as a barbara fan, I wanna see it happen ❤


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