Bandit Reacts to ALL SUMERU Trailers in GENSHIN IMPACT

Genshin Impact has taken my soul, and Sumeru approaches quickly! Can I get there before it releases?? (no) Can I get there AFTER it releases?? (yes)

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20 thoughts on “Bandit Reacts to ALL SUMERU Trailers in GENSHIN IMPACT”

  1. So far the combination of element we know is
    Melt ( pyro + cryo) = 2x multiplier to your dmg.
    Vaporize ( pyro + hydro) = 1.5x multiplier to your dmg.
    Overload (pyro + electro) = makes small explosion AOE and additional explosion dmg.
    Electro charged (electro + hydro) = link between enemies and deals additional electro dmg.
    Superconduct (electro+cryo) = reduce enemy physical resistance
    Freeze (hydro+cryo) = immobilize enemies for sort period
    Crystalized (Geo+ hydro/pyro/cryo/electro) = create crystal seed that can gave shield when you pick them up.
    Swirls (anemo + hydro/pyro/cryo/electro) = deal additional dmg to enemy base on element you combine with anemo.
    Burning (pyro + dendro) = deal continues dmg overtime.
    Shatter (frozen enemy+ claymore/ geo dmg) = it'll break the frozen status on enemy and deal additional dmg.
    Seems alot but you don't need master all of them just pick one more suitable for your character and your playstyle ๐Ÿฅฐ. And of course do it on your pace.

  2. 0:15 – "Nation" is the right term instead of "world". If we're talking about worlds, you're in the world of Teyvat covering the 7 nations that include Sumeru. Some characters in the game also refer to Teyvat as a continent.
    1:48 – That's what Lisa does when you hold her elemental skill. You can try experimenting on your other characters as some of them can also have that ability.
    2:19 – Hydro + dendro = bloom. It generates a dendro core (as you can see on the right of the dendro slime) that later explodes and deals AoE dendro DMG.
    11:37 – Her name is Dehya. And Nilou is the red-haired one, the dancer.
    14:08 – She is Lesser Lord Kusanali (aka Nahida), Sumeru's current Archon. The "Sun" she's referring to is the former Dendro archon Greater Lord Rukkhadevata who disappeared hundreds of years ago after a catastrophic event (Cataclysm).
    15:33 – The girl (Nilou) who's about to dance is not a god. They're referring to Lesser Lord Kusanali as the Goddess of Flowers.
    16:15 – Amber and Collei know each other. Collei visited Mondstadt when she was way younger.

  3. If you play it regularly by doing research on character how to upgrade them and all, you will reach Inazuma in no time. After that Grind more do the archon quest and required quest to reach the point where you can access Sumeru. It will take a month or 2 but if you grind for hours you can reach it fast. Hope, you reach Sumeru before the events gets over specially the one where we can get " Seelie " ( flying balloon like creature ) as a pet to explore with us. Pet events are very rare and it makes new players very salty to see other old players exploring with there pets. LOL .. All the Best enjoy the game and storyline, which is really interesting and Sumeru one gonna be damn amazing.

  4. About the final trailer, the little girl is the current Dendro Archon, who they call Lesser lord Kusanali,who is only 500 years old, meaning by archon standards she's just a child, the Previous Dendro Archon was Greater Lord Rukkhadevata(try saying that a few times in a row) who died in the Kaenri'la war 500 years ago and seems to be more respected then Kusanali is still.

    The livestream revealed alot of cool details, like how Tighnari will move to the standard banner after his release banner(first 5 star ever to do that) and that they will do content updates every 5 weeks now, and that the Sumeru story is divided over 3 content patches, wich is huge!

    That said, u won't miss much event wise, most of it is basic combat events, the only event that was interesting is the one where they will give u a free Collei if u complete it(Character from the manga btw, worth reading if u ever have time).

    So take it easy with your progression, u have hundreds of hours of stuff to get through and by the time u get to Sumeru they might have already announced the next region.

  5. Okay, so here's a quick breakdown for ya my friend
    Lesser Lord Kusanali – is the new Dendro Archon
    Greater Lord Rukhadevata – previous Dendro Archon (already dead)
    Nilou – the dancer
    Dehya – the hot chick with the claws
    I hope this helped

  6. You're making good pace in the game. Keep it up but most of all enjoy at your pace.

    However go into your characters and check on their ascension material. You will need to start farming for that material or sooner than later you will be underwhelmingly under leveled. Anal make sure to look at their talents to add leveling up the talents will significantly strengthen your characters.


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