BAD NEWS!! 4.8 BANNERS HAVE CHANGED! NO MORE SHENHE! (Nilou, Navia, Wriothesley) – Genshin Impact

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Version 4.8 is set for release on July 17th, and based on recent information, there may be notable changes to the character lineup. Whether these changes are positive or negative will depend on individual preferences. In this video, we’ll discuss these changes and what you can expect from patch 4.8. Enjoy watching!

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Firstly, Hoyoverse has officially announced a new 5-star character for patch 4.8: Emily, a Dendro polearm user who specializes in burning reactions. Her animations are already available online if you want to check them out.

In previous videos, we speculated that characters like Wriothesley, Shenhe, and Nilou might return in this version. However, recent information suggests that Shenhe might be replaced by Navia in patch 4.8. Let’s explore why this could be.

Rumors indicate that Nilou and Navia will play significant roles in the main quest for version 4.8. Additionally, the rumored Spiral Abyss lineup for version 4.8 will heavily favor Geo characters, especially for clearing the second half of Floor 12, which features the Automated Supercomputing Field Generator. The most efficient way to break its shield is by using Geo characters, making Navia a strong candidate for a rerun in version 4.8.

Other Geo characters like Chiori, Itto, and Albedo had their banners in version 4.5, making it unlikely for them to reappear so soon. Hoyoverse typically begins Archon reruns with the arrival of a new region, so Zhongli is expected to appear in version 5.0. This leaves Navia, who was released in version 4.3 and has now had enough time since her first banner, suggesting she might get her first rerun in 4.8.

Based on this, the potential lineup for version 4.8 could include Emily, Navia, Wriothesley, and Nilou. There might be a contest between Nilou and Shenhe for the final spot, but with Nilou almost confirmed to get a new outfit in patch 4.8, her rerun seems more likely.

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23 thoughts on “BAD NEWS!! 4.8 BANNERS HAVE CHANGED! NO MORE SHENHE! (Nilou, Navia, Wriothesley) – Genshin Impact”

  1. A new outfit doesn't mean a higher chance for a rerun. Shenhe and Ganyu got their outifit in version 4.4 but didn't get their rerun. I think Shenhe is more probable than Nilou or Navia, because she already got her outfit quite some time ago and Ganyu will appear in the next chronicled wish banner, which should also appear in version 4.8.

  2. First off navia didn't replace shenhe both wriothseley and navia were confirm to rerun since 4.8 is last version of fontaine and its a rule to rerun all fontaine char rerun within 4.0 version so thats why navia and wriothseley were confirmed very early so only those option were left that is shenhe and nilou but as you so method of hoyo 3.8 klee and kaeya had their skin and banner released so since 4.8 nilou and kirara skin released thats why nilou is confirmed to rerun and she replaced shenhe rerun bcz generally rumors were wriothseley was pair with shenhe


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