Asmongold Reacts to New Genshin Impact Trailer

Version 4.1 “To the Stars Shining in the Depths” Trailer | Genshin Impact
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33 thoughts on “Asmongold Reacts to New Genshin Impact Trailer”

  1. Honestly, I wish people would at least try out the game to a certain point before saying any type of opinion on it. 'Cause you can't really invalidate something if you've never tried it out. I just personally feel like the endless hate for genshin is getting old at this point- Every game has it's downside, and that's exactly why I don't say bad things about I game I don't seem interested in. I just say I probably wouldn't play it but if it seems a little interesting I'd at least try a few hours. I'm just trying to say the hate genshin gets is becoming too relevant. It's not the only game out there, and I feel kinda let down because people only see the bad side of the community when most of us aren't like that.

  2. im so glad da wei personally gave a shout out to the writing team, theres so much hidden lore in the game in the form of writing that people overlook, the lore of gurabad and the subsequent city states legit read like a game of thrones episode. the writing most definetly deals with more mature topics compared to the main and some side quests

  3. Seems like Asmongold is starting to turn into more of a "literate" read streamer. lol cause games are so fucking bad he aint streaming much games. and thats ok hes still entertaining

  4. I love Asmon but man it is annoying when they're all like "this anime guy is a girl", you guys should really check what otome games made for us women look like, it's just different beauty standards…

  5. They will add some kind of gun character. And it's not so far either. Clorinde is supposed to have a pistol. Also, no way they won't give us a gun character in Snezhnaya. We already have the Fatui gun agents.

  6. He just sat there and watched it. Didn't say he liked it or hated it. What was the point of this video? Us watching him stare at his screen and make 2 comments throughout the whole thing. This guy so obviously uses genshin for views and money lmao. Which sucks because there are actually streamers who care so much about this game and then there's this dude who does the bare minimum and makes way more off of videos from this game (which he will never play) than they do. What a phony.

  7. I only recomend this game if you can stand the annoying Paimon and only care for casual exploration, music, hidden lore and environment. I would say its excellent in those fields. Other than that, it is insanely easy, the developers dont seem to care very much about their creation tbh, and even less about their customers, and the story is pretty lackluster until the second half of the game. Also, it preys pretty badly in FOMO, so if you cant control yourself, just dont even try it.


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