Albedo & Husk of Opulent Dreams So Broken – Albedo Gorou Zhongli 3 Geo Team DMG Showcase

Video show Genshin Impact 2.3 Albedo & Husk of Opulent Dreams So Broken – Albedo Gorou Zhongli 3 Geo Team DMG Showcase 2021 on android iOS PC version 2021 , nintendo switch Build Guide artifacts
00:00 Start Stats
00:37 No food Test
02:09 Crit rate 20% Food
03:34 Full Food
05:55 No Gorou Test
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“原神” is a brand new open world adventure game independently developed by miHoYo. The game takes place in a fantasy world called “提瓦特”, where the person chosen by God will be awarded the “神之眼” to guide the power of the elements. You will play a mysterious character called “旅行者”. In free tr***el, you will find different companions with different personalities and ability to defeat powerful enemies and find lost relatives. At the same time, gradually explore ” The truth of the “原神”.
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30 thoughts on “Albedo & Husk of Opulent Dreams So Broken – Albedo Gorou Zhongli 3 Geo Team DMG Showcase”

  1. This domain what it want from me I dont know XD
    All Kokomi Clamp set I got with Crit sub stats n maybe 2 HP% goblet
    But Def% Artefacts set rolls are perfect for like Kokomi 😂 no crit rolls at all XD

  2. I JUST GOT ALBEDO on my first 10x and i am so happy! 🥺 i waited almost like a year to get him and he’s one of my favorite characters! he’s also just super adorable and ugh 🥰 do you plan on rolling for any upcoming characters? i plan on trying to go for itto and gorou

  3. Continue to Flex with My Handsome Prince of Evolution! I will continue with my only 5 stars: Kazuha & Keqing with the best supports for them, which is Xin & Ben on their side, fighting as my adventure swordmaster team! Damn, wish I had Albedo though…

    Thanks Man & Peace Out JACK!

  4. I hope his c4 is enough for heal. actually he gonna b broken if the healing is good since he can spam his E skill without any downtime, imagine just standing there u get those
    no disturbed during attack
    Itto demage increase
    geo resonance
    zhongli shield decrease enemy physical resistance

  5. At first I wasn't trying to pull for gorou, but ever since i heard that he buff geo team:

    My addiction to build the strongest albedo: 🤝🤝 We will welcome u, with big heart

  6. Hey guys, I need an advice.
    I have been playing this game for 2 months (AR 35) , I only have diluc as dps ( i got him lost 50/50)
    Should I pull Albedo or should I wait till Zhongli banner ?
    Becoz I need Zhongli so bad than albedo. But albedo is f2p friendly nd he is getting a new sword. So I am confused to whom I pull.


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