5 Units That Were MASSIVELY Buffed By Furina | Genshin Impact

Thanks to Furina’s addition, several characters in this game have been significantly improved as a result of the sheer damage amplification provided by her. Today I wanted to go through characters that were massively buffed in this way, enough to where they may shake up the meta quite heavily!

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28 thoughts on “5 Units That Were MASSIVELY Buffed By Furina | Genshin Impact”

  1. there’s a lot of misinfo on this. just in this past minute alone 9:009:42 zhongli was absolutely not needed on double hydro. and kazuha was a very common replacement to him. the issue was it was very hard to swirl pyro, which is where hu tao + xl/thoma/xinyan came in. this doesnt fix this at all, esp since jean is even harder to swirl with
    you’re also missing the dmg reduction from xq in the team with yelan and furina, making them a lot more squishy. kazuha even died in the supposedly unkillable team!
    team-wide heal: charlotte and mika both do that (ntm barbara which was already edited in)
    as someone else pointed out, incoming healing bonus and healing bonus are separate, so this doesnt buff kokomi

  2. even if another anemo healer unit comes out who over powers Jean it won't make her useless since it's been already proven how good she works with Furina. It probably would end up in another situation like xingqiu and yelan or venti and kazuha. Different ways of achieving the same goal.

  3. Characters that buffed other characters on release:

    Shenhe buffed pretty much all Cryo units.
    Faruzan buffed Xiao.
    Baizhu buffed Cyno.
    There are arguably a few others but they are more side-grades than direct buffs.


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