2022 Updated Community Tierlist For 2.4 | C0 5 Star & C6 4 Star Rankings | Genshin Impact

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49 thoughts on “2022 Updated Community Tierlist For 2.4 | C0 5 Star & C6 4 Star Rankings | Genshin Impact”

  1. How is Aloy in the same tier as Diluc? Why is Keqing above Diluc? Why is klee above diluc? Kazuha isn't even a DPS outside C6 wtf is this list. As much subjective it can be, I still can't get over the fact of most placements holy shit

  2. i still think ganyu is the best overall, she doesnt really need any particular support or team to shine, her team are just there to make her do her job easier, unlike itto raiden and ayaka who need specific supports or teams to bring the best out of them

  3. The 3 SSS characters make total sense IMO. Shenhe, Sara, and Gorou and incredible at boosting their own elemental damage, and I'm pretty sure we're going to see a Pyro/Hydro one next. Mihoyo trying their absolute best to phase out Bennett without having the fanbase freak out lol

  4. idk who to blame, Seka or the community, but this tier list was just plain awful this time. Maybe it was how the parameters were set, but the main dps rankings are objectively horrible IMO. Thanks for the content though as usual 🙂

  5. Legit yesterday I 9 star'd floor 12 with kokomi main DPS Qingxiu as support, Kazuha as support, and raiden for just 12-3-1. Then Noelle main DPS on bottom half with quad Geo team, Ningguang, Gorou and Dhongli.

    Edit: What I'm saying is your current main dps is wack, Go main a DPS that can heal themselves with E skill

  6. i agree with everything until the main dps part, holy shit thats the most copium main dps tierlist ever, but i respect it i mean most people are kinda stupid so im not surprised 🙂

  7. How is kazuha, a support character, in the same tier in main dps as eula, xiao, childe, and Klee but kokomi is higher than all of them?! Personally think that’s a dog shit ranking

  8. Also to mention 70% usage rate for kokomi that doesnt mean a lot of people use her.
    Basically suppose
    10 poeple pulled kokomi and 7 use her so her usage is 70%
    100 people pulled itto and 60 use him so usage rate is 60%.

  9. that main dps tier list is a mess, how is yoimiya better than xiao, eula, or childe

    also klee, yoimiya and diluc should be around the same tier, I would say they all belong in A

  10. This tier list is such a massive troll. Kokomi and yoimiya as S tier main dps… this is about the stupidest thing I've ever seen. Please don't believe this video. There's zero chance you'll be out dpsing xiao with kokomi lol

  11. I heavily disagree with Kokomi and Eula ratings, in fact I would swap them

    and would lower Kazuha as main dps, he is a fantastic quick swap unit, he has no business on field when cd is down

    but that is my opinion

  12. I think many people in the comments here think the main DPS tier list is the definitive main DPS tier list about who ditch out more damage, while I'm pretty sure that this tier list is about how they perform in 2.4 abyss.

    Eula, Tartaglia and Xiao are very good main DPS in general for sure but bc of the current abyss with those corrosion doggos, long range character like Yoimiya and Kokomi can perform better in this abyss.

    Pretty sure that when they change the abyss, the meta will shift too.

  13. The fact that xiao and eula are so low makes me pissed off and WHAT? KOKOMI is a better DPS than the dps characters fam wake up she's a healer that deals BONUS damage this tier list is so fucked up imo and the reasoning is the weakest i've ever heard

  14. the thing i dislike about xiao is hes really dependent on zhongli. yea sure you can use diona but the difference is night and day. if you dont have zhongli then i suggest you skip him or get zhongli on the next banner

  15. watched this on stream yesterday, and I pretty much agree with everything but again other commenters, know that these lists will keep updating as the updates comes with new stuff mihoyo plans. go with what you like but also research what works with your favorite characters. but read a lot and I just see the usual "I see big damage number because my Ganyu or my hu tao or my Tartaglia".
    It's not about how big it is wink but about Total damage in 1 minute for example and that's the main reason of the tierlists. Also plz Give your Xiao 120 ER at least PLZ ;_; . Do it for me you won't suffer too much if you have that amount of ER

  16. Ooo boi there's so many wrong things with these tier lists.
    Keqing above Diluc ? I know Diluc has fallen off compared to newer dps but come on he's not that bad.
    Kazuha above Xiao in dps, at C0, what ?
    Eula, Xiao and Childe same tier as Keqing ? They all do more damage than Keqing, despite having no reactions like her.
    Yoimiya and Kokomi same tier as Hutao ? Even without Staff of Homa, Yoimiya has more gameplay issues than Hutao and lower damage. Same goes for Kokomi.
    Itto higher than Ganyu ? Don't get me wrong i like Itto and think he's a very strong dps, but that's an exaggeration. Current abyss favors him a lot.
    Why not taking the fact that Childe and Klee are enablers into account ? It's an important part of their character, ignoring it is missing the point of a tier list. In a team you have 4 characters for a reason. You should rate characters by taking their teams into account, not only their personnal damage. And even if you focus only on personnal damage, this tier list still doesn't make sense because in that case, why is Kokomi so high despite having lower personnal damage than most characters mentionned above ?

  17. Are we just gonna ignore childe has AOE + riptide and kokomi is still better (for anyone who says she heals and tanks that doesn’t matter in a dps role) 🤦‍♂️

  18. This tier list is kinda scuffed in my opinion (we all can have our own opinion and it's still valid). Ganyu as sub dps should be at least SS (her Q damage is amazing with multiple enemies). Itto is good, but not SS tier, Ganyu and Hu Tao should be SSS (current abyss doesn't help them, maybe that's why). Kokomi as main dps should be lower (she's decent character but not tailored as main dps).

  19. I think the problem is the categories are not well-defined.
    In the sub-dps one there are several main dps such as Eula because in reality that category represents characters that rely on their elemental skill/burst (and this is specified) but at the same time you call it "sub-dps" when not all the characters are that.
    The same happens with the main dps list, in reality you are representing characters by basic/charge attack but you called it "Main dps" so people are confused by seeing Eula in A for example when (correct me if I am wrong) she would be SS in a general main-dps list.

  20. Because every participant comes with his personal experience that is unique because of rng, Individual tierlist can't be that good.
    A Team tierlist should be better because we experience more easily the same way we play 4 characters due to optimized rotations which are limited.


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